Headliner options

Headliner options

Hello all,

Just did a quick look and don't think anyone has posted this here yet. Sorry if its a repost though.

I was over at TMC and saw a post about new headliner options at the Design Studio,popped on over there and lo and behold there is an option now available!

Sent an email out to my DS to see if I can get this option onto my car... seeing as how I'm still a late October deliver, hoping it'll work out.

Wonka | 21 August, 2014

nice post. placed my deposit 2 weeks ago and will see if I can add this also. I got the tan leather int. Thinking the black alcantara is the best option

franklinwino | 22 August, 2014

I placed my request to change, but it has not been confirmed. I will let you guys know.

BoxcarX | 22 August, 2014

Same here, sent my DS an e-mail a couple of days ago but haven't heard whether it is too late or not. My delivery is supposed to be late September.

jordanrichard | 22 August, 2014

A black headliner!!!!? Has anyone here driven a car with a black headliner? I drove a Dodge Challenger with a black headliner and I felt like I was in a coffin. This will be especially true for those that don't get the Pano roof. | 22 August, 2014

Black Alcantara headliner hasn't been available until now? Only nylon? Given the general preference for mancave interiors, I would have expected TM to offer black Alcantara first, not last.

AmpedRealtor | 22 August, 2014

I don't like the black, but glad to see there is a new color option and that Tesla isn't standing still.

Rheumboy | 22 August, 2014

I agree that we should have more eyeliner choices, wait, what?

BrassGuy | 22 August, 2014

I saw that post and tried a few combinations. I didn't really care too much for the black. However, it struck me somehow when I saw it with the grey leather.

Bighorn | 22 August, 2014

Maybe black is the headliner and tan was the opening act.

Captain_Zap | 22 August, 2014


The eyeliner was blue on pre-production brochures.


Too much time on Broadway? | 22 August, 2014

Isn't this just the same as ordering the Alcantara headliner? I notice this choice isn't on the menu as before but the price for the new headliner options under the interior options is the same $1,500.

It looks like they just moved the headliner option up on top, added black and don't mention Alcantara or the dashboard trim.

sundoc | 22 August, 2014

Emailed my request and got a tentative delivery date in return LOL :)
Oct 27...

As for the headliner... apparently they are 'fairly strict' with the 2 week deadline, so we'll see what happens.

Either way, can't wait!

kevinf311 | 22 August, 2014

I went to check out the new headliner options from my dashboard and couldn't figure out what y'all were talking about.

Turns out that I get different design pages depending on if choose "Design" from the dashboard page or "Order" from the drop down site navigation.

Luckily, after a quick sanity check, my desired options work out to the same total price :)

Sunsational | 22 August, 2014

Perhaps it is just that I am cheap, but $1500. for something I would never pay any attention to did no make sense to me. All of the interesting stuff is outside or on the dash.

BoxcarX | 22 August, 2014

My change to black was confirmed this morning. I have the textile option. Yeah, it might end up a little dark on the inside, but I'd rather it be dark than having a dark scuff mark after my kids or someone unintentionally hits something dark against the lighter headliner. I'm going to use this vehicle to its fullest so I'll be hauling around stuff whenever I need to; no holding back for me :)

EternalChampion | 22 August, 2014

The price of headliner is a little crazy. Must be woven with unicorn hair or something. You can get the majority of your home carpeted for that money.

sundoc | 22 August, 2014

hmmm interesting. Up until this recent addition of options, the alcantara headliner was a free upgrade for us in the North.

Now its a $1500 option, so I wonder where that leaves me. I got the free upgrade in the lighter colour but now that I've requested the dark, will I get charged? Guess I'll drop by the Tesla store and see what they say... either way, I still want it.

@boxcarX: if you don't mind my asking, you'd mentioned your delivery is late September but when did you confirm your car?

BoxcarX | 22 August, 2014

@Sundoc, I confirmed on 7/20. Dashboard still says "Late September" but at the rate everyone else is being delayed, I'm expecting early October. My VIN is 52857.

J.T. | 22 August, 2014

@Zap I fear that when Bighorn said he saw kinky boots they were in a shop window . . . And he bought them . . . And he's wearing them. You go cowboy!

Bighorn | 22 August, 2014

And to think I let the vivid description of your honeymoon go unmocked:)

NKYTA | 23 August, 2014

@Bighorn, did JT put you under a NDA? If not, there seems to be a clear opportunity here...just sayin'.

Brian H | 23 August, 2014

With pix.

sundoc | 27 August, 2014

Just to close the loop on this... I got the change to the black alcantara approved.