Help Tesla in CT, vote in poll, now.

Help Tesla in CT, vote in poll, now.

There is a poll being held by a local business journal here in CT, on the subject of allowing Tesla to sell in CT. It appears that the dealers have skewed the numbers. There is no other explanation as to why it presently says 70% said NO. Please follow the link below and cast your vote. Send the link to everyone you know as the poll doesn't require you to be a CT resident.


sbeggs | 2 March, 2015



tycharley | 2 March, 2015


Tâm | 2 March, 2015

The votes are frozen.

Brian H | 3 March, 2015

69.5% YES; 2041 votes. The most I could find in any other poll on a quick scan back thru 2010 is 89. Heh.

vandacca | 3 March, 2015

When I voted yesterday, it was still over 60% NO. The power of the Tesla Army sure turned things around in a short time. I wish this army would have that kind of influence in real situations in those absurd states that have passed legislation.

ken | 3 March, 2015

The tally right now is 72.9% YES, with 2843 votes cast.

Brian H | 4 March, 2015

About 30X+ higher than the max number of votes they've ever had before.

jordanrichard | 5 March, 2015

I have told my POC in Tesla that they should use this fact to their advantage. I just wish like hell I could see all the comments. There is something like 380 of them.