HOV Sticker Delimma

HOV Sticker Delimma


I would like to get the HOV sticker on my Model S for access to the carpool lane. However, eventually, the permit would expire like they did on the Prius. Since those stickers are almost impossible to remove once they are attached to the bumper, does anyone have any idea on how they can be put on but without permanently attached to the car?


jerry3 | 13 July, 2012

Get the part of the car where the sticker goes covered with paint armour. That, and the sticker on top, can be removed without damaging the paint.

dahtye | 13 July, 2012

I would think theft of the sticker to be an issue if there was a way to not permanently afix it to the car. I too don't like the idea of having this ugly white (for California) sticker in multiple places on my new Model S!

dahtye | 13 July, 2012

Seems like that should work Jerry3. Does anyone know if paint armor is available in customer customizable sheets?

jerry3 | 13 July, 2012

It's thought that the paint armour is one of the 3M products. There are many installers. I don't think you can get it from Tesla in custom sizes. (A number of us wanted the entire car covered and so far the answer has been no).

Josh Hannah | 13 July, 2012

I've now had the stickers on two prius, one roadster and one leaf. no problems removing with a hair dryer. It is a shame they can't issue us green colored plates or something instead of stickers.

BYT | 13 July, 2012

LOL, I had posted about this specific issue in the past on this forum on January 17, I'll pull a Volker.Berlin and link it for ya!

TikiMan | 13 July, 2012

I plan on just putting one on my back window, and take the chance of being pulled over with a warning.

It's really stupid that so many stickers need to be placed on these cars. CHP officers are required to have 20/20 vision, and if they can't identify an HOV lane access sticker on the back of a window, well, maybe they need to retire early with half their pension! ;-o

Brian H | 13 July, 2012

Timo | January 17, 2012
HOV = High Occupancy Vehicle lane. That is for reducing congestion by rewarding people for driving in cars that are full. Reducing pollution is just a side-effect.

But Teslas are so quick that they have a very high occupant load per linear mile with only a driver aboard! /9-}

GHmagic6 | 14 July, 2012

@TikiMan - I'm planning on doing this. I've also heard of Roadster owners sticking them to overhead transparency sheets and then placing them inside of the car next against the rear window.

Schlermie | 14 July, 2012

bonnie1194 and some others had some ideas posted in this thread.

TikiMan | 14 July, 2012


I saw a few Tesla Roadster's at the Tesla Design facility in Hathorne (atthe "Get Amped" test-drive event), that were parked in personal employee spots, and had just one HOV white sticker placed in the back window.

Sorry but, the Tesla Model S is NO Pries, Leaf, or Honda, and should not be forced to be treated as such!