How many miles have you done in your Roadster?

How many miles have you done in your Roadster?

Hi guys,
I posted a similar thread in the Model S forum but the most anyone has done there is 12,000 miles so far.
I am trying to figure out what sort of range/capacity decline you can expect after a certain amount of miles have been done on the car?
Tesla says a 20%-25% capacity reduction after 8 years of "average" driving is to be expected. I am guessing "average" driving is around 12,500 miles per year?
Is this accurate from what any of you Roadster owners have experienced?
How many miles have you done in your Roadster and what % of your total range or battery capacity has been lost?

Thanks for any info you can provide!

Brian H | 5 February, 2013

One dude in Alaska reported ~5 mi range loss after 40,000 miles! The benefits of a cool climate ...

Divesh | 6 February, 2013

My roadster will be 2 years old next month. Starting range mode was 240miles today after almost 2year 20,200mile, in the range mode of full charge was 228 miles. Standard mode was 192 miles when it was new and now 180 to 182.

Augkuo | 7 February, 2013

36xxx miles, 180 standard charge, 232 range mode charge. Car is over 3 years old.

AndrewB | 7 February, 2013

4yrs old, 26k miles, 174 std charge, been a while since I did a full charge

teddyg | 7 February, 2013

This is great guys...thanks for the info.
Divesh seems to be on pace for 25% loss of capacity after 100,000 miles so fairly close to the claims of Tesla.
However I have heard that battery capacity loss slows over time which Augkuo's numbers seem to show.
Andrew what climate do you live in? Seems strange that you would have less capacity than Augkuo with less miles on the car? I have heard temperature can effect capacity as well.

AndrewB | 12 February, 2013

Bay Area, Ca

Brian H | 13 February, 2013

Consider that degradation is fastest at the beginning, I think your estimate for Divesh is high. I would expect more like 10-15% max by then.

Timo | 13 February, 2013

It's like half-life of radioactive materials, change happens in fairly constant rate relative to remaining capacity, which means that the less there are left the less you lose in absolute sense.

Brian H | 14 February, 2013

No, the constant rate doesn't kick in till the first surge is skimmed off the top. That's where the most dramatic change is.

RonaldA | 15 February, 2013

22,000 miles no appreciable change in range (maybe 5 miles).

Brian H | 15 February, 2013

Excellent news. What I expected. What climate?

teddyg | 22 February, 2013

Thanks for the info guys...keep it coming...this is good news so far for Model S owners as I imagine rates of capacity loss on the Model S should be even better over time/miles travelled?

Brian H | 22 February, 2013

That's the intent. Major improvements in battery tech were implemented, especially in temperature control.

RonaldA | 28 February, 2013

Hey brian buffalo ny. Not warm. But don't drive between dec and march basically if there is salt on the road my roadster isn't.

Katrina | 9 May, 2013

Hi, my roadster (455) will be 4 years old at the end of this month. It has almost 50,000 miles on it as I commute from Portola Valley to SF 4 days a week. When I charge it in standard mode, it goes up to the high 160s (between 166 and 169). When it was new, it would charge in standard mode to the low 190s.

Brian H | 9 May, 2013

Never heard of salt bothering carbon fibre!

MG | 11 May, 2013