How red is the multicoat red?

How red is the multicoat red?

I expect to finalize my order in the coming weeks (#1154, in Belgium), but I'm still not sure about which color to choose... I was pretty much settled on white as I like the contrast between the white body and the black pano, but my wife doesn't like it. She thinks that white is ambulance color (ambulances used to be that color in Belgium).

So I started to look into the other colors and progressively eliminated most of them (this is off course based on purely subjective criteria):

- grey and black: about 80% of the cars on the road are of those colors and I feel that my future S deserves a color that stands out. Also all of my previous cars have been of those colors.
- silver does not offer enough contrast with the chromes.
- brown is a nice color, but I see it more for an SUV. If I was to order a model X, I would most likely choose it to be brown.
- green: well that reminds of the metallic light green Ford Taurus that my parents had when I was a kid...

That leaves me with blue and multicoat red.

I will definitely go to a shop before making my final choice (hoping the shop in Brussels will open soon), but would already like to have opinions about the multicoat red. It is difficult to judge based on picture: it seems bright red on the picture of the services centers web page, but much darker in the design studio. It looks a bit pinkish on the pictures with the different cars on the grass.

So the question I address to those of you who already had the chance to see a multicoat red MS in reality: is this red close to a ferrari red? Or does it have slight shades of other colors?

Thanks in advance for your feedback!

haansberger | 8 May, 2013


I've seen the red in Geneve. The thing that disappointed me the most is that it is not a mettalic paint. Take a look at my you tube video on .

lolachampcar | 8 May, 2013

I am a big red fan and really wanted to get it. I was working on my wife (who wants white and not my silver) to take mine so I could get the red. I had here convinced and then I went to the Dania Beach store and saw the red both inside and outside. It is nice but it is a lux car red and not a sport type red.

I guess I am a sport guy red and not so much a lux guy red as the color was nice but not something I that is worth asking my wife to compromise for. I am glad I looked and suggest you do the same. You may find it is your perfect red :)

krissu | 8 May, 2013

I have seen the red, I would'nt go for it, somehow does not suit for my taste. As the car is very close to 5m long then I would go for dark colour in central Europe. Black is nice, but also dark blue is cool. It's serious and expensive car, that would not go with brown and green. Grey I hate, thats not a colour but a shade. Anyhow it's very personal, people in sunny states go for lighter interior and exterior. Dark blue will do for men and women!

DC@Tesla | 8 May, 2013

It's not Ferrari red. Just a beautiful luxury red with lots of shades. And makes the car look sporty. Get the new CF spoiler too, looks the best on a red.

Search other threads on the forum, there are pictures.

MichaelN | 8 May, 2013

My car to be delivered 5/10 is red - my wife's choice - I was concerned, you just don't see many red luxury cars - but when I went to the service center to visit the new baby, they had 40-50 cars in every color, 4 reds with different interiors (light gray looked really cool - ours is tan) - after looking at all the cars and all the colors, red is a great color (it is lux red, and shades out similiar to the sig red, just not as dark) - I assume that when they start shipping them to Europe, there will be a number at each delivery point - you could wait, but then again, why?

ir | 8 May, 2013

I can best describe it "nail polish red". It is what i might see my wife wearing. The multi-coat gives it a lacquered look just like glossy nail polish.

Eletrek | 8 May, 2013

IMHO every car has a color that looks best on it and that should be what your choice is based on rather than a personal preference for red, blue, green, etc. As VIN #696 I was able to get the Signature Red which I thought was the best color for the car. It is darker/richer than the new red and is the color car Tesla uses in most of their press releases and articles.

So I suggest you look at as many colors as possible and choose the one you believe makes the car look its best.

rch1708 | 8 May, 2013

Recognisable problem. I had to make the decision yesterday. My wife thinks a car of this class should be a dark colour, blue or brown. She was against the red, says that the MS is too big to be red. She has a point but irrespective, I like the red/black pano combination.

So I've spend hours looking at every photo I can find of the MC red and it seems to be a different shade in every photo - sometimes looking a way-to-bright red and sometimes looking mucher darker. I concluded that perhaps the most important attribute of the MC red is that it is always changing, depending on lighting and circumstances.

I spent ages trying to convince myself to compromise with the wife and go for blue or brown, but I my heart wasn't in it and it seems such a waste to order a beautiful new car if one's heart is not in it. So, MC Red it is.

I console myself that I'm never consulted by my wife about her choices in practically anything. So as they say, all's fair in love and war. I shan't be unhappy if my choice of colour leads to her driving it less... ;-)

Ohms.Law | 8 May, 2013

Bernard, I feel someone needs to represent that this is a terrific red. I've been driving it for two weeks and am so glad I switched from my earlier choice. Like so many of the Model S colors, it presents itself differently in varied lighting conditions. But always pleasing, to me anyway, and many people who see it comment that I/we made the right decision.

No it is not Ferrari red, but then again this car is not a Ferrari, it is better. Much better.

negarholger | 8 May, 2013

The red is georgious... My neighbour got one, I didn't want to wait for the red. Our second S will be red or similar in a couple of years.

GLO | 8 May, 2013

Neighbor got this (his 2nd MS) and it's beautiful.

hsadler | 8 May, 2013

Our red had its pic taken by another red owner at the Gilroy SC last week.

His had some shade on it and ours was in complete sun. Looked completely different. Look on TMC at the "Tracking Multi-red production and sequencing" thread, top of page 123.

Pics do not do it justice. It is a red with a personality. Everyone turns to look at it and cars slow down when they see it.

It was parked with 3 Ferraris, a Lamborghini, 2 Aston Martins and a Bentley. People were taking pics of our Red.

benempt | 8 May, 2013

+1 hsadler - pics do not do it justice, it it an exciting color in person.

That being said, check out some pics!

vinster | 8 May, 2013

My personal pics on the day I got my red - at the factory and at home:

A short video of it the next morning:

I've since had Opti-Coat 2.0 applied on it, and it seems to be glowing more. :) No complaints...

rnwalker | 8 May, 2013

The red is amazing. It is a gut-wrenching, heart-stopping, head-turning beautiful red, though, so if you don't like the attention it brings you may want to think twice. Exceptionally glad I waited for it.

Brian H | 8 May, 2013

Just keep repeating to your wife, "It's that awful red, you really don't want to be seen driving it."


CarstenM | 10 May, 2013
ylyubarsky | 10 May, 2013

Dear Bernard! I am the one who bought this car 10 days ago. Don't be mislead with pictures you received from CarstenM and others. Unfortunately in the real life the weather particularly in Europe is not sunny every day. Tesla mislead all of us. Mostly people don't want to accept it but the color that was shown in Geneva and in some stores in USA prior to production was lighter and brighter than the one that is going into production. It's disappointing but having no choice I have to live with it. Most of the day it's cherry red, not Ferrari bright red that we saw as Sunset Red. Some people like it, some don't. I personally don't but trying to get used to it. It's not fancy Red like Aston Martin Red pearl with flakes, not even close. It's just plane cherry red that only when the sun is shining and the car is standing with the right angle, you can see it looks better. If it was my choice, I would go with Pearl White, Black interior and wait until Tesla comes up with more variety of colors. Again, it's a personal opinion of somebody who drives Red Tesla and happy about the car and not the color. Hope it helped a little.

DLM270 | 10 May, 2013

Bernard, the multi-coat red is AWESOME and I highly recommend it!

We have had our RED for 4 weeks and it has exceeded all our expectations. The way it takes on different personalities in different light conditions is amazing. We had to wait a bit longer for our Red MS but it was totally worth the wait.

What ever color you choose, I am sure you will love your MS.

Fred O | 10 May, 2013

I'm also in doubt. For the same reasons. I like the contrasting colours white body with black roof but red is my favourite colour. I have to decide this month and hope there is a red MS in Eindhoven or somewhere else close by. Happy choosing.

rch1708 | 10 May, 2013

@Fred: Eindhoven didn't even have a sample of the MC red when I asked last week. I had to take a shot in the dark.

carlf9121 | 10 May, 2013

Today I saw the red one here in the S. Bay & a few days ago while charging up at Hawthorne. The color is a gorgeous cranberry red. Eye catching and an easy target for the CHP.

bernard.amand | 12 May, 2013

Thanks to all of you for your comments.

I have just read another post on which it was said that the blue is actually very dark, and even close to black under many light conditions. That would be to dark for me.

So I am left with white or MC red.

It is a shame that they don't even have a sample of the MC red in Eindhoven. Does anybody know if they have such a sample (or maybe an MC red car) in Paris?

Thumper | 12 May, 2013

I have a dolphin gray car and my friend has the new red. The new red is not cranberry to me. It is much brighter and is definitely metallic. It is very bright red. Ferrari red is the color of highly oxygenated blood. This is brighter and subtly metallic. It is gorgeous and eye catching. If you want to be noticed you can't miss.

joshuaeven | 12 May, 2013

I pickup my red on April 30th. I can't see how anyone can be disappointed. It is rich, lively, sophisticated, and sporty. It is not just 'cherry red'. There is a very fine mica in the undercoat. It has tremendous depth, and changes in different light. Worth it, IMO.

prytog | 12 May, 2013

You're in Portland OR, correct? Haven't seen you around town yet.
The show room in Washington Square installed a red PS85 on 5/11. I was there today, and the car under halogens drew a crowd.
We pickup our S85 on 5/13, and plan to drive to Bend this weekend so we can see what it looks like in the sun :)

EJH | 12 May, 2013

I picked up my red on black P85 in Toronto on Saturday, and the answer to the thread's question is: "perfectly red".
The owner of the black P85 which was being delivered just ahead of mine was shocked at how nice the red was, and asked me if I would consider trading cars. You can't get a better opinion of the color than that!
I was a bit nervous before I actually saw the car, but now I am convinced that , while not for everyone, it is is the color that best brings out the lines of the car.
It also looks great with my lic. plate which is "NO CO2"

HenryT2 | 12 May, 2013

I changed my order to multi-coat red and soon after, started to worry. It's so easy to mess up red. Do it wrong, and it can look cheap, too flashy, too juvenile, etc. I was about to switch back to pearl when my delivery date came in and it was too late. Went by the Tesla showroom in the mall today and they had a Multi-coat red on the floor.

I'm so relieved, and so excited. It's GORGEOUS. Makes me even more anxious to get my car (in one to three weeks) if that's even possible. I feel like I'm doing the "pee-pee dance" all day long.

joshuaeven | 13 May, 2013

@prytog. CONGRATULATIONS! Today is the day!

prytog | 14 May, 2013

Oh Yeah!!
We took delivery at the Portland (Tigard) service center.
5pm 5/13/13
I like this red.
We had an impromptu neighborhood block party until after dark.
(the weather cooperated)
My petrol-head neighbors were impressed all the way around.
Like others I was wary the red would be flat or look like Honda-Red, but am happy with the color depth and its variation in different lighting. BTW we have 2 other red cars. I may now finally get more looks than my wife's red 69 cloth top Series IIa Land Rover.

Fred O | 16 May, 2013

@anyone in europe who wants to see the mc red in person: next wednesday may 22nd a mc red is on show in luxenburg.

cgiGuy | 17 May, 2013

Look everyone! Nick is back! How we've missed your useless and typically short-lived posts...

cgiGuy | 17 May, 2013

...and then it was gone.

bernard.amand | 18 May, 2013

There is a multicoat red today at the Holiday Inn near Brussels airport. It´s a very nice color!!

LMB | 18 May, 2013

@bernard - so, what did you decide?

bernard.amand | 20 May, 2013

I will go for the red! Thanks to all of you for your feedback.

DC@Tesla | 21 May, 2013

Nice choice! You will get many compliments.

Sad | 28 May, 2013

Any idea where a red model is visible in Europe in the next few days? Need to finalize my order, and I can't decide between red and black :-)

Xfrank | 28 May, 2013

Take both, like me. Red with the black interior ;-)

Brian H | 28 May, 2013

The opposite is not available. ;p

xradr | 28 May, 2013

I've seen about 30+ of these in red now (at the factory) and on the road driving around in fremont. They are absolutely gorgeous ... stunning really. Makes me wish red was available when I purchased mine. I guess I'll have to wait for tesla # 2 ... hehe.

Musterion | 17 June, 2013

Multi-coat red at home in Santa Cruz mountains (pics)

At factory (shade & sun):

In the wild (above the clouds):

slr_pwrd | 17 June, 2013

lots of photos taken from 5DMarkII and customized to show as vivid colors.

satyer | 17 June, 2013

I got mine(red) last friday. Its lighter than sig red.
I couldn't be more happier, its different, its awesome, go for it.

satyer | 17 June, 2013

Photos don't show the real color, you really need to see it in person.

Brian H | 19 June, 2013
Christianjacques | 19 June, 2013

I have a red multi coated and my friend a blue , we park side by side, nobody look at his car, everybody stop and look at the red one

HenryT2 | 20 June, 2013

My neighbor called my car "lipstick red", as in the lipstick you might choose to wear with stilettos and stockings. I can't say I disagree with that nomenclature.

It's flashy. But of all the colors I've seen, I think it is arguably the best color for accentuating the lines of the car. If there had been more colors to choose from, or I had been able to actually see more colors on the cars themselves, I might have chosen a different color. (I ordered back in Feb 2012 and changed colors in April of this year before I'd seen three or four colors from a distance and only 2 up close).

As it is, I love my S, but I do feel like I've put on that lipstick and stilettos when I go out. Not to disparage any self-respecting transvestites out there, but I'm not quite used to it yet. Gotta say, though, this "lipstick red" looks GOOD on me!