If you had to drop a feature...

If you had to drop a feature...

I would like to pose a question to those that have had their cars for a month or more: Between three options - air suspension, pano roof, or leather seats - which would you drop first if you had to choose one to go?

EcLectric | 9 March, 2013


I can't pick one.

Air suspension? I use it every day so I don't scrape the bottom on my steep driveway
Pano roof? I am tall while sitting, and I need the extra headroom
Leather seats? I love them, and you get the seat heaters with them

bradslee | 9 March, 2013

Likewise, the choice is none.

ChasF | 9 March, 2013

I understand the difficulty. I wouldn't have create a new forum topic for this if it were any easy choice.
BTW, I doing these mental exercises to trade off moving up to the next battery level.

ChasF | 9 March, 2013

I know this is redundant, but I really wish we had an edit feature.

create = created
I doing = I am doing

Liz G | 9 March, 2013

Out of the 3 I would say leather seats, especially since I believe the clothe now come wuth heated seats.

Though I wouldnt be surprised if others say pano.

Either way the last to go would be air suspension, it comes in handy in many ways. Reducing drag at highway speeds, reducing scrapes when entering steep driveways, wowing little kids

Runar | 9 March, 2013

leather seats,youcan always buy some high quality seat covers later on and as mentioned all seats now come with heat

defmonk | 9 March, 2013

It depends on your height and the height of your friends and family (!). I ordered the pano as it provides a couple of extra inches of headroom in the rear seats of the car. I have something similar to the pano in my current car and, even with sunshade, it's a bit annoying when the sun is at certain angles relative to the car. Without a sunshade, as is currently the case with the Model S, it may be even more of a pain.

Second in line for me would be the leather seats. They've become perfunctory in luxury cars, but, to me, they're not that practical. Good textile seats breathe, are more comfortable in hot and cold climates (save the seat heaters) and are generally easier to clean and maintain. That said, nonetheless, I ordered the leather seats. While the textile sample in the showroom seemed of good quality, it was hard to assess the ultimate overall quality and look of the textile seat.

IMHO, the airshocks are essential to the basic dynamics and convenience of the car. The coil shocks may or may not have the same handling characteristics and ride as the air suspension. That's just too basic to the driving experience to risk changing. If I could have test driven a coil shock Model S beforehand, perhaps. Without a prior test drive, going to coil shocks was out of the question for me.

noel.smyth | 9 March, 2013

The parcel shelf, mostly because I did't get it yet!

nickjhowe | 9 March, 2013

Pano roof. Didn't order it; don't miss it.

bsimoes | 9 March, 2013

I would have gotten the cloth seats if they were heated, but I mainly got the leather because I wanted a tan / light interior, and at the time of finalizing, the cloth only came in black. I'm not sure if that option has opened up with more choices yet.

Cattledog | 9 March, 2013

Get the bigger battery, paid for by saving $200-$400/month on gas. Keep everything else. Shake. Pour. Enjoy!

Captain_Zap | 9 March, 2013

Pano. I got the solid top. I like it. It is great for acoustics, noise reduction and insulation. I like the splash of Signature Red color on top too. I live in a place were it is rare that I get to use a Pano roof anyway. I have had the opportunity to roll down my window only twice in 3 months due to weather.

Oft times sunroofs and the like end up seizing due and seals deteriorate to lack of use here as well.

Although, I did have some fantasies of car camping during a meteor shower and opening a pano for the peak show.

Big battery first priority for me. Air suspension for steep driveways was second. I have to use that frequently.

ChasF | 9 March, 2013

I live in Florida so could potentially use the pano roof quite a bit. Having said that, most here talk about the head clearance afforded by the pano but few talk about enjoying the view. Starting to sound like the pano roof is a take it or leave it option. | 9 March, 2013

Got them all. Would not give up any option.

TikiMan | 9 March, 2013

I deliberately didn't get the pano-roof on mine, as I didn't like the fact that the sun-shades weren't built into the design, and all that glass and motor adds more weight to the car (thus my car is faster than a P85 with the pano-roof ;-) | 9 March, 2013

I already made the choice when I finalized. I kept seats and pano, gave up air.

Dr. Bob Reinke | 9 March, 2013

Wish there was an actual 300 mi range at 70 mph with heater or air and lights. currently, can't make a 185 mi trip with heater and lights at 60 mph, a very dangerous speed on the freeway with other autos and trucks moving at 70-75. Have this feeling that I should have on the Model S four-way hasard light at 60 mph. At 55, other drivers are actually flashing their lights and blowing horns to get you off the road and on the shoulder. P85 should actually be a P100---125 would be better.

jbherman | 9 March, 2013

"drop the air suspension because it break down in 6-8 years"

Are there any 6-8 year old Model S out there with a broken down air suspension? ..."crickets"...

I didn't think so.

jkirkebo | 9 March, 2013

I'd drop leather. In fact I'd have dropped it myself (not a fan) if it wasn't for a couple of things:

- Mandatory on performance model. I must have the CF interior and thus the P85 ;)
- Textile is not 100% cloth but also a lot of vinyl. I hate vinyl.
- Textile interior only available in black. I hate black interiors.

So if I could get light grey 100% cloth interior in a P85, I'd get that. Even as a no-refund option down from leather.

Chuck Lusin | 9 March, 2013

Hi Chas,

If you don't need the air, I would drop that, it looks like it will start before the 40 anyway. I only got the leather, because I have never spent this much on a car before, and I figured WTF whats $1,500 more. The pano, would be a "Cool" option in FL.

BTW: If we don't hear about the 40 EPA, soon, it's going to fall behind, IMO.

Try to hold out about a week or so, and if no EPA on the 40, make the switch!

Electron | 9 March, 2013

Well, I for one love the view out my glass roof. And opening it completely and cruising along the coast is pretty close to having a convertible. So :p

markapeterman | 9 March, 2013

I have all 3 and love them all. Don't forget that if you give up leather you are stuck with the piano black dash. The matte obeche was worth $1500 by itself. I would drop the pano if you don't need rear seat headroom. If you do then I guess air would be my choice.

kjo | 9 March, 2013

I'd drop the electronic door opening mechanism, or rather add a mechanical way to open the doors. I'm set for April delivery, so I don't have my car yet, but I would really prefer to have some mechanical way to open the door. Theoretically if something went wrong or came unsynced then you couldn't even get inside the car.

Mark Z | 9 March, 2013

Another challenge are the headliner and pillar fabric colors that may clash with the seats. If you have the ability to stop by a service center and check out all the combinations in vehicles ready for delivery, it is worth it. Don't forget that the interiors will look greener through the side windows and more rose colored through the windshield.

Performance models get different materials, so that can complicate the choice as well.

jat | 10 March, 2013

@Dr. Bob Reinke - I'm not sure why you would have trouble making 185mi at 60mph. Today, I made a day trip to a friend's house totaling 228mi using a total of 86kWh. I kept the cruise on 78 the entire way over moderately hilly terrain (Appalachian foothills). I charged 24A@240V while there so I could drive as fast as I wanted, but I could have easily made it driving just a small amount slower. The outside temperature was in the 40-50s, and I was running lights all the way back.

KendallPB | 11 March, 2013

Leather seats; didn't order them, didn't want them, so I already did drop them. ;-) I don't miss them and although heated seats would be nice, as someone pointed out, you can get those with cloth seats now. Plus the heater heats up very quickly compared to my old ICE. ;-)

baddtz | 11 March, 2013

Pano roof.

RAFellows | 11 March, 2013

I'm picking up my S in three hours, so I'm not really someone who has had the car for a few months yet. However I'll give you my financial reasons for taking all of the options (less Performance and kid seats). I'm financing the car using Alliant which offers 1.99% for 72 months. When I looked at the various options most only added $20/month to the payment with the Tech Package adding $50/month. So, I thought about how I would feel a year later wishing I had taken option A or B if it had only cost me 4 lattes/month at Stabucks. So I went with them all.

Brian H | 11 March, 2013

But will you get caffeine withdrawal? Killer headaches.

Dr. Bob Reinke | 3 August, 2013


I drove the 185 miles with a 20mph headwind and -20 temps making the heater and seat heaters a must. Plus the defrosters were not very efective. Headlights were also required. That problem now seems to be resolved with later firmwear. Tailgating Semis for the last 50 miles was must. I have not had similar problems with the advent of spring, and hopefully the Madison SuperCharger will be as promised by Winter.

SevenOfNine | 3 August, 2013

I would drop the air suspension first, then drop the pano roof, then drop the leather. (I'm biased. I got the latter two, but passed on the air suspension. My driveway is not steep, so I haven't missed it.)