Inside Tesla 03.21.13

Inside Tesla 03.21.13

Important Takeaways (Per George Blankenship)

1. Adding another forty test drive cars to the fleet in the next few weeks

2. Today we registered our 3,000th Model S in the Golden State

3. Newest Tesla Store in the Los Angeles area will be opening soon in Century City, followed shortly thereafter by a second store in Miami

4. Santana Row will be relocating to a new, larger location in the next few weeks.

5. Prepaid plans will be available online soon and you will have at least 30 days from when the system goes live to sign up for any prepaid service plan you like.

6. Adding Supercharger coverage in many areas over the next three to four months, installing our first Superchargers in:

-Pacific Northwest
-Additional coverage in the Northeast and California.

7. Expanding existing locations like Harris Ranch, where we’re adding five more Superchargers in the next month.

Chuck Lusin | 21 March, 2013

I’m a bit surprised that nothing was mentioned about the 40kWh Model S

SamO | 21 March, 2013

I think this is because the 40kWh Model S will not provide the high margins that the 60 and 85kWh Models will.

This is tough to swallow for 40 Res holders, but a fact of life where the company is just starting to survive.

Cattledog | 22 March, 2013

It's a good update. George or his PR staff are good communicators, I like their style.

portia | 22 March, 2013

another milestone mentioned is now 500 cars per week delvered.

DonS | 22 March, 2013

The new Santana row store is a few storefronts north of the current location into a larger space. I took a peek inside earlier this week and the drywall was just about done.

vgrinshpun | 22 March, 2013

It would be interesting to know whether 500 cars per week delivered directly translates into a steady 500 cars per week (25,000 per year) production rate. If true, are they managing to produce 500 cars per week with just one shift, 5-day schedule? I thought that it was mentioned at one time that maximum production rate for one shift is 400 cars per week.

SamO | 22 March, 2013

The language that George and Elon use is very specific.

Produce = make

Deliver = deliver

Therefore, I would not assume that they mean produce, when they say deliver.

vgrinshpun | 23 March, 2013

I understand the language used. The question is what it means.

Unless Tesla was not able to deliver all cars made in previous weeks and is doing catch-up now, it can not deliver more than 500 cars a week without production catching up to that rate at some time. I doubt that George would mention more than 500 cars per week delivered if it is just a temporary spike due to less than perfect delivery rate in the past.

Does anybody has more information to shed more light on this?

vgrinshpun | 24 March, 2013

See Seeking Alpha article and comments for the information regarding the 500+ production rate for much of the Q1. It also appears that there are plans for early fall production of around 650 cars per week. This is very good news, especially if Tesla is hitting its margin goals.

If all of the above information is accurate, it also means that Tesla is quite confident that pace of reservations will pick-up in the second half of 2013.

blurry_eyed | 24 March, 2013

Elon responded yesterday in a reply to a tweet he sent out yesterday where someone asked Elon, 'Are you really producing more than 500 cars per week now?' Elon responded 'yep'.

Elon's original tweet was 'But when considering savings of gas v electricity, true cost vs gas cars is more like $25k for a v sweet ride' Tweet was on 3/23/13 at 3:15pm. Then Dean J. Falkenberg asked the production question in a reply to that tweet.

vgrinshpun | 24 March, 2013

Thanks, blurry_eyed! I think the stock is up for some action next week!

jkirkebo | 24 March, 2013

If we look at VINs appearing in the app (when the cars are nearly finished) they have made 557 cars per week so far in March, up from 505 per week in February.

vgrinshpun | 24 March, 2013

Jkirkebo, I do not have a reservation (yet), so can't play with the app. Can you clarify how you are able to see all the VINs of the cars that are close to be completed? My understanding was that app lets one to "see" only one car -the one linked up to the login name. Am I missing something? Thanks

Brian H | 24 March, 2013

I think he's talking about VINs reported here. Highest sample #s give the range and totals.

jkirkebo | 25 March, 2013

Yep, I'm dependent on people posting their timeline, including VIN number and the date it appeared in the app.

vgrinshpun | 25 March, 2013

Thanks for the tip, guys!