Iphone integration

Iphone integration

How exactly will my iphone integrate with the car?

Can i skip track from the steering wheel ?
Where is the USB port located?
Is there a Charging/Audio Iphone cable available ? so that i can connect only one cable to my iphone to charge and play music through it ?
Can the phone be left in my pocket and auto connect and auto play music on startup ?

AaronX | 27 January, 2013

Do you have the car?

kilimats | 27 January, 2013

Nop, just trying to understand how that works before reserving

Alex K | 27 January, 2013

Currently the only way you can play music from your iPhone is through Bluetooth. There are 2 USB ports located in the center console below the arm rests, but no Audio connector. You can use these USB ports to charge your iPhone. Once you sync your iPhone with the car (via Bluetooth), you can play music (that you select with the phone). You can skip forward and backwards using the onscreen controls and the steering wheel. The car does not automatically start playing your music when you get in. You have to select that from the main screen. You may be able to select that from the steering wheel (I don't remember).

The USB port will read a USB flash drive and allow you more control of your music, although currently it does not allow you to shuffle songs, but you can select things such as songs by Name, Artists, Albums, Genres, etc. I decided to put all my music on a 128GB USB drive. I just copied the iTunes music folder onto the drive. It's allot easier than trying to fiddle with the phone. If you want, you can use Bluetooth and Siri to request what music you want played on your iPhone.

I'm sure some of the audio/phone integration features will improve and change with future software updates as Tesla gets customer feedback — they have already provided several updates.

dtesla | 28 January, 2013

Agree with all of what Alex K said + shows album art work on dash.

When making a call, MS uses the iPhone's contact list. Only sorts contact list Last name First.

dtesla | 28 January, 2013

Forgot to mention... The MS can use the addresses info in your iPhone contact list to set a NAV destination.

Overall I've been very impressed with how the MS integrates with my iPhone.

GLO | 28 January, 2013

Ditto @dtesla,

I've been quite impressed with the Iphone integration. It seems to work fairly intuitively. Now I want the Iphone App to communicate to my car remotely!

BenjaminS | 3 February, 2013

People - does anyone know when the Model S app for iPhone is coming, or if it's here, how to download it? Thanks!

strengthcoach4 | 3 February, 2013

Yesterday I was told "in the coming days". I can't share who at Tesla shared that info, but it's good info. Of course "coming days" could be next month...

jat | 3 February, 2013

The Android app is done, and all the work on the servers and car is done, so the app itself is pretty simple. Getting something approved by Apple is a much more involved process, plus there might be an issue with getting something approved which is "beta".

kevjo | 3 February, 2013

We picked up our MS yesterday at the factory and was told by our delivery specialist that the iPhone app was to be released "within the next few days". BTW the car is phenomenal!

Velo1 | 3 February, 2013

Alex K - thanks, best instructive description yet. I have been testing the USB ports with a few albums from my iTunes and it works great. I still need a large capacity thumb drive for all my iTunes music, but have been too busy with work to get this done. However, I sure hope that at some point we will be able to use our Playlists, too, which is not available today.

Alex K | 3 February, 2013

@Velo1 | FEBRUARY 3, 2013: I still need a large capacity thumb drive for all my iTunes music

I'm using this $85 Sandisk 128GB drive from

eltonf | 3 February, 2013

For what it's worth, with my iPhone 5 Spotify sounds much better than the iPod app when playing songs over Bluetooth. Spotify seems to pre-amplify music so it matches the audio level of other input sources in the car. With the iPod app I have to turn the car volume way up above normal settings.

kenliles | 3 February, 2013

iPhone 5 uses the new Bluetooth (low power higher bandwidth) spec. That must be why the improvement in quality. That's a good sign that MS also adopted the newer hardware spec

LarryN | 3 February, 2013

If you look on the spec information on the website it says that the upgraded audio/stereo system will hold 1000 songs. I can't figure out how to upload any songs to the audio system, only if I store them on a USB drive and plug it in. Is there any way to store the songs directly to the audio system, like it says on the spec info on the Tesla Motors website?

mkh1437 | 3 February, 2013

@LarryN the internal storage has not been enabled yet. Presumably, that will come with a future software update.

ylyubarsky | 3 February, 2013

Guys! You are in the wrong thread

craig.jorgens | 15 February, 2013

I just got a new 128GB USB and the car will not recognize it no matter what i put on it. files, straight mp3's etc. any idea what format or brand you used? CJ Orinda

dbullard | 15 February, 2013

Make sure it's seated properly - mine took several tries. I think the plastic around the USB ports can prevent some sticks from making full contact.

I got the 128 GB stick, too - slow to copy, but fit almost 80 GB of music - perfect!

Robert22 | 15 February, 2013

Is the access time on the sandisk 128Gb flash mentioned above ever a problem i.e. slow menu scrolling, song selection, etc. A few reviews on Amazon report it's the slowest drive a few have ever seen. Thanks

Alex K | 16 February, 2013

@Robert22 | FEBRUARY 15, 2013: Is the access time on the sandisk 128Gb flash mentioned above ever a problem i.e. slow menu scrolling, song selection, etc.

I haven't noticed any speed issue. It does take a while (1-2 minutes) when you first plug it in to scan the music, but it seems to remember everything and this appears to only happen once if you leave it plugged in.

Robert22 | 16 February, 2013

Excellent, thank you. No need then to waste $ on a faster Patriot device.

Anyone know if the drive is physically compatible with Soflauthor's imminent CCI?

Brian H | 16 February, 2013

Compatible with FAT32, but not FAT16 or NTFS, some found. See Dec 19, Mark E comment, here: