Item missing from under the bonnet.

Item missing from under the bonnet.


I understand that the Tesla Model S has no engine up front. But when I looked inside too my amazement the Flux Capacitor was missing. Now it could be that this item is attached somewhere-else on the machine. Now I am afraid to hit 88 mph just in case the era I end up at is the mid 70's as I am allergic to flares and sideburns.

I also noticed that vasts improvements have been made to the energy density module I think it has another name - charging system. Very cool as I do not need the required 1.1 gigawatts that other machines in the past had required. Although quicker energy absorption times - namely charge times I believe you call it can be improved upon.

I hope these improvements can be made in the Model X

Yours Faithfully

Dr Emlyn Brown.