Just Placed Order

Just Placed Order


I just placed an order for a White S 60 yesterday and am excited! I have a couple of weeks to make a few key decisions. I'm coming from a 2011 M3, lease just ended.

Options: Flat White, Black Top, 19" wheels, Tech, Active Air Susp, Upgraded Sound System.

1. I opted not to get the 21" wheels. I've had run flats and am not thrilled about the 3500 price tag and the wear on these. Is the handling significantly worse on these?
2. Is the active air suspension worth it? Anyone not have it?
3. Not a sunroof guy so I didn't get it. Anyone not have one and happy without one?
4. My BMW was a flat non metallic white and I loved it. What do you guys think of the plain white paint job?

Thanks! | 18 April, 2013

Happy without sunroof - never used in previous cars and I'm in California!

I also have the 19" tires and I'm quite happy with them. The 21" look great, but are expensive and it sounds like they wear quite a bit faster (although that may be the driver!). The 21" rims are far easier to get curb rash, but I scratched my 19" rims on the 3rd day so it's not unique to 21"s.

N8Tyler | 18 April, 2013

Congrats...Now the wait begins. My white 60 should be delivered soon and the excitement makes the wait seem like forever. I feel like a 7 year old waiting for Christmas to come.

asim77 | 18 April, 2013


Di you get pearl or flat white?

hillcountryfun | 18 April, 2013

asim77, great news! You're gonna love it! Were you able to make use of the new financing option Elon recently announced? Just wondering since you came off of a lease -

Won't be long now!

shop | 18 April, 2013

19" are fine. They aren't as sticky as high performance tires, so they will slip at very high acceleration, and hard cornering probably isn't as good. But it's a personal choice. Do you want a harsher ride, with tires that need to be replaced every 12K (sticky tires really do wear fast) but better aggressive driving handling, or opt for the cheaper, but better overall ride? Personally, I wouldn't bother with the 21" anyways, unless I also got the new Performance package with stiffer suspension.

I used to have a Mercedes SL55 with high performance tires, so I know what I'm missing with my 19" tires on the Model S. So far I'm happy. It doesn't corner and hug the road like the SL55 did, but it isn't bad for a roomy sedan. Not having to replace tires every 12K will be nice...

Objective1 | 18 April, 2013

Go to TeslaMotorsClub. Some people there report getting standard suspension and that they are totally satisfied with it.

amir | 18 April, 2013

I also have a white MS60.

I got only suspension feature but no 21" tires, no sunroof, no tech, and no upgraded sound.

I have not driven a car w/o the suspension feature so not sure but I really like it.

No regrets about white color and no sunroof but certainly regret audio decision. Standard audio is subpar.

Relative to tech, you get a great map but cant run a turn-by-turn navigation on it. I am hoping that they will have an app for that like google map but not sure. On the fence on whether I should have gotten tech....

mcptwo | 18 April, 2013

We have about 5K miles so far and love the car.

I am completely satisfied with the standard sound system, and in such a quiet car, music is amazing.

Strongly suggest the pano roof which I rarely open, for the improved headroom in the back seat. Looks to me like art least 2.5 inches more than the standard roof.

kingkoti | 18 April, 2013

Exact same car - White / Black / Tech ( - sound pkg, + child seats) delivered 3 weeks ago and 1400 miles ! its amazing. I came from a 330i manual transmission and can say this

1. I'll never miss the MT, MS has an answer with the instant torque.
2. I can say Active Air is desirably stiff and smooth over bumps, very glad I've got it.
3. haven't driven a 21s but with 19s handling around corners is NOT SUPER great, but very good for such a big car. (might miss this from bimmer)
4. No sunroof and did not care much, happy that I don't have to deal with leaks and rattles (in future)
5. Initially was skeptical about the WHITE, but can only appreciate the finish after washing the car last weekend, its very well done, its gorgeous.
6. Only regret (minor) child seats are not that practical with no vents, no shade and no side airbags

Vlnprof | 18 April, 2013

Congrats! From reading these forums and from my own experience, you cannot go wrong with any of the options (with or without). I have standard suspension, 19', pano roof, 85 and there is nothing I would change. I never had a sun roof before, and love this one even when it is not open. Backseat headroom might be the biggest determining factor for getting the pano roof (more headroom) even if it is not for use, and many folks opt for air suspension for adjusting car height on certain driveways. I have yet to have any issues with the height of the car and the drive is fantastic with standard suspension.

Hogfighter | 18 April, 2013

I'll pipe in about the tech package. This car is very technologically advanced, and the tech package makes the car what it is, IMHO. Get it.

Congratulations on your're gonna love it!

eAdopter | 18 April, 2013

Your choices seem good. Some additional input:

I strongly suggest the pano for more headroom both front and rear. I didn't want one but the extra inch or two of headroom makes a big difference if any family member or friend is over 5'10". Also, I think the pano will increase the pool of resale buyers to include taller people.

I purchased the air suspension for the ability to lift the car over speed bumps. Driveways in my area are also steep. There are several parking lots and neighborhoods in my area with extra large speed bumps (6" plus). One of the most expensive parts of the car is the battery and it spans the bottom of the car. Hitting a few bad bumps could damage it and void the warranty.

Cattledog | 18 April, 2013

1. I have 19" wheels and have gotten lots of compliments. I like them.
2. Have active air and like it for the ride and speed bump/driveway clearance.
3. Have pano and like it for visually open feel. Open it sometimes, cool then too. Not an issue with heat.
4. Car looks great in any color.

Trekker56 | 18 April, 2013

Welcome Asim and congrats! Good to see more desis getting the Model S!

skulleyb | 18 April, 2013

I have the 60 with no sunroof and no tech pack.
FYI the tech pack has a chrome rear accent under the bumper that i love.
Mine is black and i think it looks unfinished this way. Im hoping to get it after market if they will sell me one.
I got the upgraded audio and im loving it, I think it sounds amazing!
If i had to do it over again i would get the tech pack and the sunroof.
The car just looks better with it even if you dont use it.

my 2c

JDster | 18 April, 2013

Asim77, I'd strongly suggest getting the pearl white. I've seen both white color in person and the regular white looks cheap IMO. It's like liquid paper white out. I went with the pearl as it looks richer and also it has multi coat paint, which will keep its longevity. Plus you get clean off dirt, bird poop, etc much easier.

As far as suspension goes, I'd spend the extra $1500 for it. I asked 4 different Tesla reps about this and they all recommend getting it. 2 of them even said they would pick that option over any other options. The ride is much better with the active air suspension. And especially driving on the freeway when the car automatically lowers itself for better handling and more aerodynamic.

I got the pano roof and love it. It makes the car seem a lot roomier. Good luck!

negarholger | 18 April, 2013

Asim77 - I didn't like the colors, hate hatch backs, don't care for acceleration... but as many said before : you have to take it from dead cold hands. Whatever choices you make you most likely be in the same position.

Brian H | 19 April, 2013

re the jump seats: try an IV-blocker coating, and baseball caps.

krissu | 19 April, 2013

If you are not a sunroof person, then forget it. It's noisy, even leaks and it will not get better over time. EV is so quiet that you should not have the strongest sound in the car coming from sunroof. Yeah, I know it looks cool but I prefer comfort.

DTsea | 19 April, 2013

My pano roof is fantastic. It's quiet, doesn't leak, and gives more headroom. Also on sunny days it is like a convertible. I would get it. It makes the car more comfortable (headroom wise) in front and back seats.

The glass blocks heat and UV very well. No issue there.

I also really like the tech package. Worth it.

sq1mike | 19 April, 2013

I would not consider the pano roof to be just a "sunroof". Because it extends the entire width and length of the roof, it gives an incredible feeling of openness to the interior (not to mention extra headroom, especially in the back seat). With it open, it is so wide, it feels to me almost like the old T-top roof in our 1980 Corvette.

kw1 | 19 April, 2013

I am not a sunroof person and consider them one more possible thing to breakdown in the future. However with Tesla I did get the sunroof and after driving it for awhile, I really consider it a worthwhile decision and am very glad I got it. I mostly drive with the sunroof closed but I love the feeling of openness in the car that the glass provides. No issues with heat in the sun. It just makes the interior of the car feel so light. open and airy. It also provides additional head room and I have given some 6'3" folks a ride and they had plenty of room. So I would definitely buy it again and would recommend it if it works within your budget. I did not get the upgraded sound and wish that I had, but we had to say stop somewhere.

MSTESLA30 | 19 April, 2013

Asim77 - Congrats on the order! My wife and I have a week to finalize our configuration. 85/pano/tech/air/textile/jseats/dual. I thought we had everything decided (since we have been following the Model S for over 3yrs now). However, we find ourselves double-guessing ourselves on a couple options. Any comments/advice definitely welcome!

Color - Initially chose Dolphin Grey bc I loved the depth/shine of how it looks on the website. However, seeing it up close on the test drive, it didn't seem to have the same depth in color. Now, I'm really liking the Blue, but have read it is difficult to keep clean.

Seats - I wanted to go Leather esp since I love the obeche matte. But the leather doesn't seem like it will wear nicely. Especially after reading all those threads about the b-pillar wear. And I have kids. Can anyone with the non Perf leather chime in? Really wished they had an option to go textile with decor options.

Pano - Really worried about all the talk of squeaks and leaks, but I agree with everyone here that it adds so much room to the interior and is amazing beautiful. Plus, I'm already planning on adding a small hook to the middle divider so I can hang my suit jacket (Not happy about this). Good to hear that people don't have issues with the heat/sun given that I have a little one that will be sitting in the backseat (a little disappointed that the manual shade has apparently been nixed).

My guess is we'll be switching around the options until the last moment possible. =)

ddruz | 20 April, 2013

+1 to all comments about getting the pano roof. It has NOT been reported to leak. It does creak on some cars but apparently there is now a service bulletin which addresses fixes so if you have a creak it can be fixed at a service center.

The pano roof adds 1.5 to 1.75" of headroom in the back (I measured with a tape measure). This alone is reason to get it even if you keep it closed all the time. If money is an object I'd trade the air suspension for the pano roof.

One aspect of the air suspension people tend to gloss over is that if you keep the car for a very long time it is possible repairs on the air suspension may be quite expensive should it fail after a number of years which has been reported on many other cars. I ordered the air suspension but in retrospect had I to do it over again this is the one feature I would drop because I do plan to keep the car 8 or more years.

IMO you cannot tell the difference between plain white and pearl white until you get quite close to the cars. Pearl white is very lovely up close but from 10 feet away it is very difficult for most people to tell the difference. Plain white may be easier to repair dings as well and saves you $1500.

stosh3 | 20 April, 2013

I too am coming from a Flat-White BMW (335xi coupe) which I loved, and still have, after 122k miles. I went back and forth on colors for my Mod S and went with Pearl White. It has way more depth and looks clean a lot longer than blue (my other consideration). I also went with the pano roof which lets a lot of light into the cabin but not much heat even on sunny days. I live in CT and the roads here and in NY are horrible but the air suspension does handle them exceptionally well, certainly much better ride than my BMW with sport suspension and run flat performance tires. The only thing I might change if I did it over is the Wheels. I went with 21" and they look great but I do worry about damage from the roads.

You can't go wrong with your choices. Good luck and Enjoy!

jbunn | 20 April, 2013

Love the pano, and do use it. Tech seemed expensive, but glad I got it now. Have air, but that was the only way to get it back in the day

dstiavnicky | 23 April, 2013

Have standard suspension and very happy with it. In a few years I plan to get top-end Koni adjustable gas pressure shocks to make the ride perfect. $300 a corner vs. $1,500 a corner to replace factory air shocks. Had these on my 911 and Range Rover so I'm sure they are the same cost.

rd2 | 23 April, 2013

Get the Pearl white! It pops more than any color they offer. Also, the air suspension has saved me at least 5 scrapes in past 3 months and has allowed peace of mind for parking with curbs and parking blocks. I have the 19s and they are wearing fine. If you gun it, occasionally there is a quick slip of the rear wheels but it corrects almost inmediately and you're off. I imagine the 21s grip better but wear much faster.

sanjosedriver | 23 April, 2013

I think the pano is a must, $1500 for the largest glass roof in any mass produced sedan... and it adds headroom as well. I never plan to open it, but think it's nice to be able to look up and see the sky now and then (the rear passengers can enjoy this as well).

hademarco | 24 April, 2013

Congratulations! I have active air and so glad I did. I will bottom out in my driveway every time if I didn't. I also bottomed out at a High School in which I would have been stuck if I didn't raised the car. I got the pano, love it, but totally not necessary. It's a nice to have. Other threads have mentioned that the 21" is not necessary, I don't know. I have the the 19" and it's fine. I saw a white one on the road and it's beautiful! Mine is black. I think you'll be happy with the white. Tech and sound are musts. Get the supercharger option. I was lucky and got it for free under the early adopter program. I love the superchargers. I also got leather....come on....with a luxury beautiful car like this and you get the cloth? Call me crazy and wasteful, but I only see leather. Piano black trim is REALLY beautiful!!! I'm so glad I got it.

carlf9121 | 25 April, 2013

@Asim77: Congratulations!! You'll love it!! I've had my P85, Black, 21" Silver, Grey Performance leather, Pano, Techno, Upgrade Sound System, Twin Chargers for 5 wks and loving every minute. I equipped the car with Twin Chargers but didn't buy HPWC since my daily usage is under 50 miles which will charge within 2 hrs with the standard charger and with Twin Chargers, you can charge at 2x the standard rate (up to 60 miles / hr) at any of the Tesla showrooms. With Tesla expanding their showroom locations among the shopping malls, a great way to fill-up free of charge while having a cup of coffee or shopping. I plan to take advantage of the HPWC at the Newport Beach showroom while visiting So Cal.

The last car I've purchase has been more than 15 years ago and the Tesla screams high tech "car of the future".

Working at one of many SV high tech suppliers providing the solutions to Tesla, what better way to endorse your work & livelihood than to buy the end product.

markapeterman | 25 April, 2013

I have air/pano/tech and would not want to give up any of them.

I have tan leather and matte obeche and I think the trim gets the most complements when people ride with me. I have 5 young kids and no problems with tan leather wear (although 2 are in the far back). I have not seen any B pillar wear in 4 months.

Good luck.

petero | 25 April, 2013

asim77. Congratulations. I have a similar MS.

1. I have 19”s and they are more than fine. I would only consider 21”s if I was getting the P85 or the performance plus.

2. I have the active suspension, which I like because on occasions I can raise the height for curbs, driveways, lower or raise for my elderly in-laws, etc. Sorry, I have not yet driven a standard suspension so I can’t compare.

3. I have the sunroof, hardly to never use it, too much noise and buffeting. I only bought it because it was a defining MS option.

4. Solid White. I am sooooooo glad I ordered this color. I prefer the solid over the pearl (personal choice), you can hardly tell the two whites apart unless you are up close, in bright sunlight. The savings over the pearl white paid for my seldom used sunroof.

5. If my hearing were better, I would have ordered the sound studio.

The MS is a 180 degrees different from an M3. IMO, the only thing you will miss about the BMW is the drama. The MS is smooth, quick, effortless and quiet – none of the jerkiness, performance sounds, and harsh ride. When I pull out of my driveway on to the street, I can swear I hear the theme song from “Jaws.” The MS is so stealthy, it is like a great white shark. I ordered the tan leather, which I like, but in hindsight I would prefer the matt obeche over the glossy. If I were to order the grey or black leather I would order lacewood because it is dark and very subtle.

mkidding | 27 April, 2013

I'm on the similar kind of boat

I placed my order yesterday and here's what I have

60/pearl white/black leather/air suspension/pano/supercharger/tech

I'm debating mainly for the following three:

pearl white vs plain white
black leather vs textile
air suspension vs normal

Could potentially save me $4500 which maps to about 7-8% of the total value of the car, kinda considerable.

I'm wondering if anyone have any good words about those choices :)

Can't wait to release it to manufacturing

ddruz | 28 April, 2013

@mkidding, since you asked for words about your choices here are my two cents:

1. The whites are nearly indistinguishable unless you are very close to the car. Plain white saves you $1500. Though pearl is lovely up close, if it were me I'd definitely save the money.

2. The decision here may lie in how much you like the piano black decor because it is the only choice with textile. The textile interior is very attractive in person. Much of it is leather or pseudo-leather anyway. If you are leaning towards the piano black decor, textile saves you $1500. You don't see many, if any, reports of people ordering textile wishing they had ordered leather instead.

3. If you do not have steep driveways, deep snow, irregular terrain that you must navigate slowly, you might find normal suspension is just great for you. If you plan to keep the car a long time it is possible air suspension will necessitate a costly repair at some point if it fails. If I had to do it over again I'd get the regular suspension since the details of the "extended warranty" have now been released and they specifically exclude shocks.

mkidding | 28 April, 2013


Thanks a lot for the comments. I'm okay with the piano black decor and my only concern is just the finger prints on them. Anyone has the piano black decor can comment something on this?

My drive way is okay. The only difficult terrain is probably on 101 between oregon express and shoreline where the road is super uneven..

Btw where do you find the info about the warranty coverage?

ddruz | 29 April, 2013

@mkidding, Here is a link to the "Extended Service Plan" which is what they call their extended warranty for years 5-8:

DouglasR | 29 April, 2013

@ddruz - This is interesting. I have been trying to look at a copy of this agreement for some time, but was told it is unavailable in Washington. There is no purchase button for it in My Garage. Yet it states on its face that the agreement applies to Washington!

Captain_Zap | 29 April, 2013


I called Tesla about that statement re: Washington.

There still isn't anything worked out for us yet but once there is something we will be able to add it later.