I had a scare today where I couldn't find my key fob for my plug-in Prius. It took me awhile but after about an hour it turned up. During the search and while pulling out the remainder of my hair I decided to call Toyota just to see what a replacement fob would cost. The total would have been $476.00. That was pretty shocking. Our Mercedes touchless entry fob now sounds cheap at $360.00. Does anyone know what a replacement Model S fob might cost? Not that I am planning on losing it but one never knows.



MB3 | 27 October, 2012

Rod & Barbara bought a 3rd fob. I don't remember what they said it cost, but I think it was on the lessons learned thread (private). I couldn't find the amount, but I think it was between 250 and 350.

psullivanassoc | 29 October, 2012

Here is the answer to my own question that I found under the "Questions" area from Rod and Barbara. The cost of an additional FOB is $325.00.

jbunn | 29 October, 2012

In my case, i'd head for my nephews Hot Wheels collection to search. ; )

jerry3 | 3 November, 2012

$476.00 is the highest price I've ever heard. Try a different dealer--there are some out there that really rip-off Prius owners. Around Tesla's price ($325) is pretty normal for the fob and the programming of the security ECU.

Jon Wray | 31 January, 2013

I lost one of my two key fobs. Apparently there was a price increase. I was told this:

"The fee for program the key is $175 ( 1 hour labor). The key fob is $350."

I'm curious if other car companies charge so much to program the key?

Getting Amped Again | 31 January, 2013

We need all the functions of the fob in the mobile app. Then we could leave our fobs at home, or just bring them when we are valet parking, etc.
Secure your phone with a PIN and even if you lose it near the car your S is going to be there when you come back. If the fob drops out of your pocket anywhere near your S, your S might be gone when you come back.

Robert22 | 31 January, 2013

Agree, the fob is going to be a major headache for the company. Incorporating its functionality into the smartphone app should be a priority.

DJay | 23 March, 2013

I just replaced my "lost" fob in Palo Alto The cost of the fob was$300 and to program it was another $85. I have since found the fob and initially thought, no big deal, I will now have three to use. As it turned out they deactivated the old one. They indicated the Model S will accept 3 fob's and would be glad to reactivate the third one for another $85. They were not willing to accept the return of the new.

Robert22 | 23 March, 2013

Move over Mercedes, you have company.

tomcohen | 28 January, 2014


I just lost my key. Can I buy your extra?


wayne | 24 July, 2014

We were just quoted 379.00 for a new Fob. I guess the price went way up in a year :( Amazing it is the same cost as a tablet computer for 3 buttons and a plastic car, but what can you do?

KidDoc | 26 July, 2014

Mine just took a ride in the washing machine. Going to let it dry a bit and try the battery from the other fob but looks like I just lost about $400 by letting my 15 year old carry it while he was driving.

AndyO | 26 July, 2014

Yep. I paid that in March for a third key at delivery.

Bighorn | 26 July, 2014

I had no problem with my fob after a similar misadventure.

dborn | 26 July, 2014

Don't despair! I dropped a non waterproof Mercedes fob into 5 yards depth of sea water, where it remained for at least an hour, possibly more before retrieval with a magnet from an old loudspeaker attached to fishing line!! Following a rinse with fresh water, and drying out briefly, 15- mins, the fob worked, opening the car and allowing me to drive!! I am still using the same fob two years later, with the same battery!! So, double insults, strong magnetic field, and salt water at half an atmosphere pressure!!
The alternative was a 2 hour wait for my irate wife with the spare fob!!!

Bighorn | 26 July, 2014

That sounds seriously down under.

NKYTA | 27 July, 2014

That reminds me of a post I made 4,000 threads back, about my old garage door opener in the washing machine and why I thought NKYTA was having "a moment".

I've come a long way...but I've still got this


hamer | 27 July, 2014

Washing your keyfob: Back when I used to use a full-sized keyboard, the keys would get dirty for a while. Based on a tip, I put it in the dishwasher and ran it through a cycle with the dishes. After letting it dry for over a week, it worked fine. So I tried it with the 3-4 other keyboards I had lying around (from older computers). After drying a week, they worked fine. I think the key (no pun intended) is to make sure there is no water in it before you put electricity through it. If I washed my keyfob, I would take the battery out and just let it sit for at least a week before I tried it.

KdotB | 27 July, 2014

Anyone get their FOB opticoated? :P

Brian H | 27 July, 2014

No, but some have wrapped them. In colors of your choice. Try plaid. Then do the car to match.

PV_Dave @US-PA | 28 July, 2014

Just got these in the mail a few minutes ago:

Doesn't make it waterproof, but should provide an additional layer of protection, since it's only open at the back.

I'll try to remember to post back after using them for a week or two.

KidDoc | 28 July, 2014

Just ordered those silicon protectors thanks for the link. Still have my FOB sitting on rice I'll take it out later this week and put the battery from my wife's FOB in and see if it has come back from the dead.

ks-man | 28 July, 2014

I went to dinner with my mom and kids last week (son is 2.5) and on our way out I asked my mom to grab a few of his toy cars for the restaurant. When we got to dinner she reached into her purse when he asked for his cars and imagine my surprise when a small black "car" was put on the table. I quickly grabbed it and said that isn't one of his cars and pointed to the Tesla logo on front and Model S on the back. She grabbed it from our mudroom counter where I keep the backup fob right below our key rack.

Needless to say all my son wanted the rest of dinner was "his" black car but sorry, he wasn't getting it.

PV_Dave @US-PA | 28 July, 2014

@ks-man: Funny! And of course, once deprived, he'll be looking for that "black toy car" forever! All the more once he eventually understands what it really is... ;-)

@KidDoc: Added plus of the silicone can be the icons for the buttons. My wife had completely forgotten that the key fob has buttons. She thought it was just something that needed to be in her purse in order to drive. Now she has a reminder of where to push for what function, in addition to protection for her expensive little fob.

Babaron | 16 January, 2016

If anyone has an extra FOB to sell, I need one.

murphyS90D | 16 January, 2016

@rfadell: "If anyone has an extra FOB to sell, I need one."

You can buy a new one at your service center. You would have to go there anyway to get it configured to the car. The car supports a maximum of three fobs.

KP in NPT | 16 January, 2016

@psullivan - I had to replace he FOB for my Lexus - the price was about the same. (Toyota = Lexus) With programming it was almost $500. (Oh, and another $100 to have my car flat bedded to the dealership since the spare was also MIA.) That was an expensive day.

Haggy | 16 January, 2016

The car supports a maximum of three fobs.

As of 7.0, it's up to five fobs.

ragtopday | 16 January, 2016

What year is your Prius? A Mason has one for $109

For 2010 through 2016 , not for model "C"