Leasing Options for the Model S

Leasing Options for the Model S

I'm production number 1084 and was wondering if any has head of leasing options for the Model S, Sig holders did they offer that information when you were going through the paperwork?

Volker.Berlin | 10 May, 2012

During the quarter, we completed an agreement with Athlon Car Lease to introduce Model S to corporate customers across Europe. This comes on top of our existing Roadster lease agreement with Athlon. As part of this agreement, Athlon Car Lease reserved 150 Model S sedans to ensure early availability of the car for its customers. This is the first Model S fleet reservation made worldwide by a leasing company. Our lease program with Athlon covers several major countries on the European continent, including Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Belgium and the Netherlands.

No official word on leasing in other markets. Reportedly Tesla is "looking into offering the full range of financing options, including leasing" (the quote is somewhere out there), but these options will not be available right from the start.

Teoatawki | 10 May, 2012

I doubt any Sig buyers are going to have these options, but I'd say there is an excellent chance the arrangements will be in place by the time P1084 comes out.

Sudre_ | 10 May, 2012

If they have a lease option my S will be completely different than what I have configured now. I don't want to spend almost 100k on a car that will be obsolete in 3 years but I'd be happy to lease it that long.

stephen.kamichik | 10 May, 2012

Sudre.....according to the video "2012 Year of the Model S, it was designed to be 10-30 years ahead of the competition. Therefore it should not be obsolete in three years.

Brian H | 10 May, 2012

This introduces some changes in the probable count -- sounds like 150 more in the EU column; possibly part of the reason that the EU Sig availability is down?

Michigan, can you figger out what's happening with that?

steven.maes | 14 May, 2012

If it can help, I received an email from Tesla last week that there where 85 Sig reservations open for the Benelux.

znino | 25 June, 2012

Well I have a signature ordered (number 8 in Canada). I just asked the Canadian rep who informed me that there will NOT be any lease program for the Model S for at least 12 to 18 months as ''they are trying to preserve capital''. Not sure I understand what that means. Sounds a little like they are unsure about resale value. I am not happy. I have leased all my cars for the last 20 years as i like to change often and hate the hassle or reselling cars. A car of this price and a company that is trying to position themselves in this luxury market should have put in place all the peripheral elements that are needed to make themselves look professional. No lease program = fail. I will likely still get the car but am much less happy with the way this is turning out.

Whity Whiteman | 25 June, 2012

that's strange! In Europe they'll start a big leasingprogramm, in USA they got Wells Fargo... maybe there's no partner in Canada yet

Brian H | 25 June, 2012

USA program is purchase loans only so far. TM doesn't need leasing to boost NA sales yet. "Preserve capital" means they prefer the upfront cash system for the moment.

Brian H | 25 June, 2012

When the Cdn program does start, sell your car to the leasing company and lease it back! >:)

petero | 26 June, 2012

stephen.kamichi... I have no doubts that the “S” will hold up very well mechanically over 10+ years. After 10+ years a new battery will be a likely consideration as your battery will probably be down about 20% but continue to work. You will be seduced by TM or an aftermarket replacement battery that gives you far more for less. My concern is the electronics and TM integrating must have new tech features to keep the “S” a luxury car leader.

To me, the “S” may be more like a computer than an automobile. Your 3 year old computer works just fine but … Does it perform like the newest, best model? TM’s early adapters strike me as a very tech ,savvy, group. I don’t see another manufacturer offering a comparable vehicle in the next 8+ years. Many software upgrades will keep the “S” sharp. However, TM is going to continue to pour it on making the upgrades to the “S” irresistible – Planned obsolescence!

Brian H | 26 June, 2012

Do you have nightmares of driving around in 2022 in the slowest, klunkiest, dumbest, shortest-range Model S in your neighborhood? The Horror!


petero | 26 June, 2012

Brian H. Very funny. I am already living the nightmare. My daily driver is 20 year old, vintage, Alfa Romeo, Spider. Very slow, low range (170 miles), kind of klunky (but in a good way). I love this car and it will share the garage with the “S.” Now where can I park my wife’s T-Bird? Besides, in 2022 I will be too old to know or care!

I don’t plan on keeping my “S” for 10 years. Perhaps four years and I will sell it and buy a Gen III (Super Performance, 600 mile range, 42” touch screen, rear cup holders, and a console).

Brian H | 27 June, 2012

I suggest giving it 5 years, and wait for the GenIII.2. It's more likely to have all that stuff. Except the 3½' touch screen, unless it's that new flex material wrapped all over the dash, making the whole thing a display, with haptics etc.

2013ff Independence Parade Day suggestion: Since the S can support 8X its own weight, get a roof-rack and mount the T-Bird on it with flags and beautiful babes hanging out the windows and drive it down Main Street! You'll be a sensation ...

nickjhowe | 27 June, 2012

In the last shareholder meeting video, Elon says they will have leasing "next year". He says "we have 10000 reservations of people who are happy to buy not lease". Certainly in my case that is not true - i'd prefer to lease. As would the person who asked the question at the meeting. I guess a fair percentage of current res holders would like the option.

Brian H | 27 June, 2012

Yeah, there's an upfront (and possibly bottom-line?) hit to TM from leasing, I believe. A leasing operation is a big deal; the expired lease cars mostly come back, and have to be re-leased or sold, etc. Best done at arm's length from the mfr., or by a 3rd party.

petero | 27 June, 2012

Brian H. /nick. I like the way you think Brian.

I do not know the particulars of what leasing costs a manufacturer. I do know , leasing is an effective way to ‘sell’ cars and dealerships love to resell ‘lease return,’ pre-owned vehicles. The “S or X” would be extremely desirable and profitable for TM to resell. If TM were to lease, they would have to arrange a line of credit to buy back the lease returns. Also, TM has the opportunity to sell an extended “certified TM warranty.” In the end…it is all about the money. According to my local TM dealer, they are already gearing up to resell lease return roadsters.

Brian H | 27 June, 2012

Yeah, with the Roadsters that's all she wrote, except in Europe. For TM, I'm sure they're hoping to get many 10s of '000s of vehicles out there before the market in lease return Ses and Xes arises. Since there are no dealerships, just company outlets, it's a bit different. I think TM wants to avoid the big car lot scene as long as possible. So I expect leasing will be entirely 3rd party, like the new European arrangement with Athlon.

Brian H | 27 June, 2012

Which brings up the question, of course, now that I mention/think of it, of what tentative plans there are now at Athlon to deal with lease returns.

ViewAskew | 27 June, 2012

I wish I could find the thread where I commented about leasing. I told everyone then that we wouldn't see a lease option for 15 months after launch easily. I was flogged for this idea probably 7 months ago. Funny... fast forward to today and here we are talking about NOT having a lease option. Like I said, financially it just didn't make sense. We've already told them we would pay for it outright.

Brian H | 27 June, 2012

This one?

March 6.
Here was the search string I used in a standard search engine: viewaskew lease

Brian H | 27 June, 2012

Actually, I typed "site:www. ... " etc., and the engine changed it to "host:www. ... " Seems to work either way.

Brian H | 27 June, 2012

Heh. Just noticed; that was 3½ months ago, but seemed like 7 to you. So your waiting time sense is stretched out double. If you have 6 months to wait, it will seem like a year!

ViewAskew | 28 June, 2012

LOL! Agreed. I've been waiting so long that my sense of time and space is Askew. (yes.... yes I just typed that) Perhaps I'll be wrong on all counts and leasing will be an option sooner rather than later.

sandpacific2002 | 6 October, 2012

All model S with delivery starting 2013 will have leasing option according to Tesla sales rep.

gmcnabb | 9 October, 2012

Do you have a name so that I can get confirmation? Thanks!