manual gearbox in Tesla Model S

manual gearbox in Tesla Model S


is there an European Version of the Tesla Model S with an 5 or 6-speed manual gearbox available?

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Ingo Placzek

Timo | 30 September, 2010

Why would you want to have a gearbox in EV?

There is no Model S available anywhere yet. 2012 maybe.

ChristianG | 30 September, 2010

As far as I know the Roadster and the Model S will only have one gear. So no need to change it. So I guess there can't be a manual gearbox.

Todd Burch | 30 September, 2010


With EVs, you have to think differently about driving. No need for gears--the redline (maximum RPM) for the Model S will be in the 15,000 RPM range. When you're at 15,000 RPM, you're going to be going 125 MPH (201 KPH).

Since electric motors have nearly constant torque over the RPM range, there would be no benefit to shifting to a lower gear to get more torque.

When EVs are predominant on the roadways, gears will be reserved for bicycles and antique "gas cars".

Roblab | 1 October, 2010

In other words, it is only because a gas engine cannot produce enough torque at lower rpms that they absolutely need gears to keep the engine running at higher rpms. On top of that, gas engines are only about 20% efficient, so racing the engine gives you even less gas mileage in order to get any torque you need to accelerate decently.

mclary | 23 September, 2014

LOL! There were silly questions and speculations back in 2010!

So Nothing has really changed in 4 years!


Kpg81 | 24 September, 2014

Yeah bro it has a Hurst short shifter and a wheelie bar option too.