Marketing the Model S

Marketing the Model S

I understand the Model S has no problem with demand at the current time. However, it is possible in the future after the first wave of reservations are met that demand could subside temporarily or be hard to meet at 20-30k per year production rate. I am a reservation holder (9000+) and a stock holder hoping that the stock price appreciation will help me finance a more expensive Model S version.

A couple of ideas to help market the Model S after this first wave of demand is met:

1)Offer Model S Tesla owners a 1k rebate if they allow Tesla motors to put a fashionable bumper sticker or imprint on the back of the car that just says "". This way when other drivers see the car on the road they will know where to look if they want to learn more about the cool car they've just seen pass them on the highway.

2)Offer Model S Tesla owners a 500 USD referral fee for every person they refer to buy a Model S. I have at least a dozen people that already are interested in riding in my Model S or taking it for a spin with me once I get it. If I get a $500 referral for each one of them that buys a Model S that would be pleasant.

If implemented I think I should get a $10 royalty for coming up with the idea, jk (not really)...

Anyone else who has good ideas to help market the Model S then post it on here.

Volker.Berlin | 28 August, 2012

Re: referral fee. A similar idea has been discussed in some depth here:

Here are some fun ideas for TV spots and ad campaigns: