Mega breakthrough

Mega breakthrough

Super-efficient heat recovery?
Giant Thermoelectric Effect from Transmission Supernodes. Justin Bergfield, Michelle Solis, and Charles Stafford. ACS Nano Sept. 2010.

OK, this is beyond huge. Micron-thick ultra-efficient thermo-electrics? Let your imagination run wild.

Ishiwago | 26 September, 2010

wow this is darn cool. and like the article said, it wont only be limited to automobiles. but for Tesla it will definitely be something big to consider!

Brian H | 15 October, 2010

Thorium is nice, really cheap fusion is nicer.

Check out and . It could be hitting the world markets in under 5 years, at 1/20 the best current N.A. retail capital and output costs.

Everything else is then just economic roadkill.

But I agree thorium reactors to eat up old wastes would be a good idea.