Model S coupe

Model S coupe

I have heard some rumors about a Model S coupe and I think it could be better looking than the
original Model S.

Carefree | 26 May, 2013

Rumors are not true. Someone used Photoshop to come up with a Coupe look but consensus is that Tesla will not build one. Wouldn't make much sense to begin with.

nickjhowe | 26 May, 2013

Here are the facts: Theophilus Chin renders all kinds of automotive concepts. On May 7 he did one of a Model S 2+2 ("Model SC") as a design exercise to complement the Wagon version ("Model ST") he did last November.

Everything else is just noise.

Brian H | 26 May, 2013

Interesting "word" note: coupe is French for "cut, severed". Here in Canada there is a town called "Pouce Coupé", which means "Severed Thumb". Just axe the residents. LOL