Model S Silver with Tan Interior?

Model S Silver with Tan Interior?

Any photos or comments on Silver with Tan Interior?

I really like the silver exterior. I really like the tan interior. But what do they look like together?

ggr | 22 October, 2012

Our car is metallic light purple with a tan interior. I think it goes very well. In many kinds of light the outside looks silver.

hwye81k | 22 October, 2012

Mine will be be silver with black interior. Not sure about leather though.

petero | 22 October, 2012

In the past I have seen several show cars with silver/tan combo. I thought it was very unusual and extremely tasteful. That said, it is not a popular combo. I think your choice will be very attractive.

I too am getting the tan and I the solid white because white will show less wear and tear from family abuse.

jerry3 | 3 November, 2012

There wasn't a tan interior (or grey exterior) for me to look at in the Get Amped event. There was a silver car and that looked great but it had a black interior. The tan in the design studio looks like an 1980s Ford Taurus but I understand that it looks much better in person.

D Vo | 3 November, 2012

I went with Silver and Grey. I saw it at the test drive and looks good. Haven't seen silver and tan.

Getting Amped Again | 3 November, 2012
jerry3 | 3 November, 2012

Cool pictures, but without a grey scale card and a colour chart in them I don't know how close to reality the colours my monitor shows are :-(

I'm also concerned about the wrinkles in the seat in the top picture. I wouldn't even be thinking about leather, because I don't think leather belongs in a modern car, but leather is the only way to get heated seats--I really, really dislike that the selection is limited like that. My prior experiences with leather haven't been positive, but the heated seats and their added range are kind of forcing me into a choice I don't really want. I just hope that they aren't all cracked and torn in three years.