Model S = Ultimate family car

Model S = Ultimate family car

I'm in the middle of a trip from NYC to Maine, with my wife, 2 year old, and 2 week old. Its incredible how family friendly the car is:

First, the amount of luggage and strollers and diapers and god knows what we crammed into here, while still leaving plenty of room for sight lines is nothing short of amazing. We live in manhattan and our doorman helped me move all our stuff to the curb. Then when I packed it he had to come out see for himself, so amazed was he that it all could fit - and this is a guy who packs cars with luggage all day long.

The app's allowing you to cool the car before you return to it is huge, when it comes to a hot day, and getting two small kids into their respective car seats.

Next, the ride itself is both firm yet smooth, which is perfect for keeping my car sick prone daughter feeling less car sick.

The various search/Nav functions, based on real world google language, makes finding your way to things kids might suddenly need exceptionally easy (although the traffic on the navigation is pretty bad, if it exists at all - one of my few complaints.)

The amount if time it takes to supercharge from bottom to top is just about the amount of time it takes to feed the family quickly, bathroom visits, and maybe an extra diaper change for the road. But instead of having to stop at a gas station after you do all this, you just head back to your nice cool, charged car and take off.

Not sure about most places, but the supercharger at the Darien road stop, as well as the EV charging space at the hotel we're at, feature the best parking spaces available - directly next to the entrances. It almost seems unfair.

The fact that there's no central driveshaft means that the rear floors are flat, making it super easy for my 2 year old to get to, and climb into her seat herself.

She also likes looking at the giant touchscreen without, thankfully, getting overly entranced by it. Just a slight entertainment as a new song comes on and she checks out the album art work.

I knew there's more, I kept remarking on it all day, but that's a pretty good start.

I suppose biggest of all - and not to get preachy - you're helping to pass along a slightly-less-screwed up planet to them. And country, I suppose, in that its also American made.

Oh, one more thing - it looks and drives like a Maserati. Just so we don't forget what's really important.

DC@Tesla | 5 July, 2013

Absolutely! There is no other car that transforms itself from an ultimate SPORTS car to an ultimate family car. Car that meets the need of the everyone in the family.

Brian H | 5 July, 2013

Do you have jump seats for future use by the kids?

Doug H | 9 July, 2013

stimeygee - Thanks for sharing. I remember those days. My last 2 (of 6) go off to college this year. They enjoy slacker and the web browser in the MS. They like to show of the frunk when we go shopping.

My wife and I plan to enjoy som supercharger subsidized exploring of the country when they finally leave in August as we celebrate or 30th anniversary.

It's cool being a rock star and the smartest guy on the block at the same time. BTW, gas went up by .12 today here in Decatur, GA. It just makes me look smarter.

kback | 9 July, 2013

Awesome post, stimeygee! I just completed a shorter road trip, Fairfield County, CT to Newport, RI and back, and couldn't agree more. Though I found the traffic info fairly accurate. Amazing car all around, pleasure to travel in, fit all our stuff, purchases, and room for more!

Thanks for saying it all so well.

deezomaxima | 9 July, 2013

No doubt these cars are awesome. Wish I could afford one but for now, I'll have to stick with cylinder deactivation on my G8 GT.

I'm curious to know how they perform in blizzard conditions. How much mileage do you lose while driving in a couple inches of snow.

xradr | 9 July, 2013

couldn't agree more. We've put about 7K+ miles on it. About 2-3K of that with 5 adults and 2 kids in the rear seats traveling all over. It's been absolutely spectacular.

stimeygee | 9 July, 2013

Yes, we have the jump seats. We also have a dog who rides in the way back (not this trip) so I'm not sure how often we'll use them, but I got em just in case.

(Speaking of which, the canine family member loves it too: she'd become extremely anxious at some engine or tire noise in the previous car, but absolutely loves this one, I'm assuming due to the quiet. So add that to the family list - even the pet loves it. Honestly, it sounds silly, but her anxiety had become a major bummer, and the fact that this car completely solved it is priceless itself.)

RedShift | 9 July, 2013

Yes, this ultimate family hauler also does a reasonable M5 impersonations.

RedShift | 9 July, 2013

* impersonation, no plural

Brian H | 9 July, 2013

Others have mentioned the canine approval (and a cat, too, IIRC). I wonder what it is. It would be fascinating to find out.

Nav66 also said the ride is almost refreshing:

4. I have a theory about the lack of a rumbling ICE during long distance trips. My wife and I have noticed that we are less fatigued after a lengthy excursion. This has been consistent since we took delivery. The most dramatic example was the first day of our Christmas trip to Southern California. In spite of inching traffic on the 5, rain, and delays at the Harris Ranch Super Charger (they only have one port, and we experienced the first-ever waiting line with six other Model S's), we arrived in Anaheim ready to drive some more. It was strange. And now that we have driven the car more and more, with over 2500 miles on the odometer, I can say that this effect is consistent. I think the evidence supports the notion that the lack of a gasoline engine contributes to a decrease in fatigue. Not having low frequency vibration keeps you fresh and alert. Think about airlines - the big factors are dry air, white noise, and low frequency vibration. We have none of those in the Model S. We arrive at our destination...rested? Is that fair to say? Maybe. It is definitely true that we arrive at our destinations with more energy than I can ever remember.
Those are some general observations, but we are still learning. This is a new experience. People who are living this cannot possibly comprehend the feeling, the stark difference in getting from point A to B. I think it is the duty of those of us who have these cars to attempt to describe it. But ultimately, folks have to get into one and experience it for themselves. They will not be disappointed. And I bet most of them will begin plotting to ditch their gasoline vehicles as soon as they can....