model x needs safety features

model x needs safety features

Considering buying a model x but it needs better safety features than the s. If Tesla wants this to become a family car it needs to add front and back collision avoidance and stopping features. It also needs blind spot and lane drifting warnings These features are available on cars half the price If Tesla wants moms to feel comfortable driving kids in this car they need to be at the same level as the competition It is not just important to crash well, you need to avoid the crash first.

danielcleung | 8 July, 2014

I am more worried if drivers sharing the same roads with me become so dependent on the blind spot and lane drifting warnings gadgets. People should pay attention to the road when they are behind the wheels...

My wife's car was being rear-ended by another car when she's waiting for the green light at the intersection, complete stop. Lucky my wife walked away from the accident without injury but the bimmer is totaled. The other driver, who's a mom, admitted that she turned her head around shouting at her kids. Yes, if that driver's car was equipped with the front collision avoidance system, that accident probably can be avoided. However, shouldn't all drivers be equipped with such system (or driving attitude), not the cars?

danielcleung | 8 July, 2014

That being said, yes, please offer these optional safety features.

joesafety | 8 July, 2014

Human error is everywhere. Tesla can help. Stop worrying about gadgets and make the safest car. After the accidents my wife told me I should buy a Mclaren and she will buy a subaru to take the kids around..

Brian H | 10 July, 2014

Perhaps TM could automate a system an Austrian friend says his nurse mother came up with to handle him and his brother when they squabbled: a spay can of chloroform.

Brian H | 10 July, 2014

typo: spray can

the bonnie | 13 July, 2014

Hah! Quite the typo. I assume your Austrian friend has no children?


Brian H | 14 July, 2014

I think observing himself and his brother scared him off the prospect.

vperl | 18 July, 2014

The Very Best safety feature is a driver that is aware? Not texting, turning to check on Kid, or reaching for their hamburger skidding across the floor. I for one put the responsibility for safe driving on the driver, not some feature on a vehicle. Learn to dive safely, and professional, no messing around, just drive the vehicle.

But, others may feel the driver bears no responsibility.

vandacca | 18 July, 2014

@vperl, only American lawyers feel that drivers bear no responsibility. ;)


Red Sage ca us | 18 July, 2014

Feature Faux Pas...

Most automotive accidents of any sort take place:
Due to inclimate weather conditions
Due to distracted driving
Due to emotional distress
Due to influence of drugs or alcohol
Occur at speeds of less than 45 MPH
Take place within 2 miles of the destination
vandacca wrote, "...only American lawyers feel that drivers bear no responsibility."

Precisely. Some form of 'personal responsibility' is involved in the grand majority of automotive accidents. But most humans won't even accept responsibility for their own farts, so... It's gotta be the car!

Brian H | 19 July, 2014

Someone driving and being teased by his spouse using the MS' remote app requested she stop pushing the fart button. Don't know if she complied ...

grega | 20 July, 2014

If assistance is good enough that a driver might feel they CAN let themselves be distracted, but the assistance isn't better than the driver would have been, then it will be dangerous.

Similarly we don't want one class of errors to be fixed by assistance if we then get a different class of error creeping in. Unintended consequences.

All that said, I believe assistance will overall be a good thing, and I hope we see it soon in many cars.

lightonwater | 20 July, 2014

Have enjoyed the front-end collision system with ever needing yet on Subaru '13 & '14 outbacks. They come only very occasionally if I'm a little slow to the brake, in a very un-obnoxious and reassuring way. What if it is a medical emergency that engages them? Heartily endorsing them for the Model X, even with some electrical cost.
Appreciatively, James

Red Sage ca us | 17 October, 2014

After the Tesla Motors 'D' Event last week, it seems that all 'safety features' will provided across the entire product line.