modified wheel/tire packages

modified wheel/tire packages

Hi guys and gals. I have ordered my T S and am looking into modified wheels and tires, mostly wheels.
I have come to know that the nice 21" wheels Tesla provides just doesn't offer many upgraded options for tires in the market....I like the 255 front and 275 rear staggered. I have a great location where I can get either 20" or 22". Not really sure on the 22's ...seems too over cooked, but I might change that opinion once I see some.. So, any references to threads, pics, or such?

WillEric | 4 August, 2014

Might want to be careful on the 21's. I've read that they are more prone to blow-outs than the 19's.

Kondo | 4 August, 2014

I was looking for the same thing and found Jason from Avant Garde Wheels ...

My wife and I drove to his showroom right after we ordered the car. The wheels and tires should be here this week or next and the car first week in September.

I got 20" staggered. He knows his stuff.

David (Kondo)

Kondo | 4 August, 2014

Should have mentioned I got the M580's with a custom finish. They do it all.

Kondo | 5 August, 2014

@fred z ~~~ I just got word my wheels are done and they posted a picture on the TMC site. Here is the link, my M580's are on the left, almost picked the others side but glad I didn't now. Hope this helps.


PleasantonS | 6 August, 2014

I had a lengthy conversation about rims and tires with one of the techs at Velox last night for my P85+. He had spent time driving a P85+ and strongly discouraged replacing my rear 21" 9.5's with anything less than a 20" that was at least 10 inches wide. Given all the torque, he had concerns about a narrower tire on a 20" inch rim. While he suggested speaking directly to Tesla for their feedback (not sure they would provide much on the subject), his suggestion was to go with 20" 8.5's in the front and 20" 10.5's in the rear if I was going to go down a rim size from my staggered 21's on the P85+.

Drakester347 | 6 August, 2014

just ordered 22x10.5 and 22x9 Forgiato wheels.
wasn't a big fan of the stock 21s

Hopefully they will be here a week or two after my car gets here.

PaceyWhitter | 6 August, 2014

@ pleasatonS

Why would 21" 9.5's be better than 20" 9.5's? Why would you need the extra half inch of width just because the sidewall is longer?

Kondo | 6 August, 2014

@PleasantonS ~~ sounds much like my set but up from stock 19" on a P85

M580 5X120 20X8.5 +30 64.1CB FULL

M580 5X120 20X10 +36 64.1CB FULL

245/40/20 HANKOOK K110

275/35/20 HANKOOK K110


PleasantonS | 6 August, 2014


His concern was that 20" 9.5s would be too easy to "burn out" hence the additional contact surface that 10.5's would provide. If I recall correctly he had suggested running 275/40-20 tires on the 10.5 inch rears. This provides a lot more options than the 265/35-21's that are standard on the P85+. Sounds very similar to what @dkondo6 has gone to.

Brian H | 7 August, 2014

A dk sample:

drax7 | 7 August, 2014

Don't pimp your car, it never improves

Kondo | 7 August, 2014

@drex7 ~~ there are 3 white Model S's being delivered to Scottsdale in a month, I need to differentiate mine from theirs. Plus I love my wheels on the left. Some people get wheels, do wraps, just waiting for the curb feelers and fuzzy dice next :)

Bighorn | 7 August, 2014

I'm no tire expert, but my understanding is that the width of the tire doesn't increase the contact patch since it gets shorter in the process. I'd love clarification on that point, especially in light of the fact that I just went with a narrower rear tire.

Red Sage ca us | 7 August, 2014

About tires:
First number is the width of the 'contact patch' in mm.
Second number is a percentage of the width, used as the 'height' if the sidewall.
Third number is the diameter of the wheel it should be installed on< in inches.
Letters refer to construction, weight rating, or speed rating, and vary from one tire to the next.
So '245/40/20' means:
245 mm across the tread.
40% of 245 equals 98mm tall sidewalls.
20" diameter wheels for installation.
Other numbers and terms refer specifically to the wheel itself: bolt pattern, offset, width in inches, etc.

nickjhowe | 7 August, 2014

I've got a few wheel tire combinations in the Model S delivery checklist and owners guide and a few more in the the book

Red Sage ca us | 15 August, 2014

Is it possible to fit 17" wheels & tires on the Model S, or are the brake discs & calipers too large?

Bighorn | 15 August, 2014

18s are doubtful, so I think 17s must be impossible. Related to fitting with brakes.

fred z | 5 September, 2014

So, I can assume that the 255 front and 285 rear on 21" is doable and not a clearance issue??