My electric dream car

My electric dream car

I live in the Swiss alps and am a driver of electric vehicles for 8 years now. The love affair started with an electric scooter I built myself, then I moved to chinese electric scooters. A year ago I made the move to 4 wheels, which in my case happened to be a Citroen C-Zero (= iMiev). This vehicle safely carried me over 6'000 miles over the last 8 months with lots of snow and very low temperatures down to -4 F. Even though a very small vehicle, it carried my wife, son and me to many skiing resorts over the weekends and to work during week, which in my case is a 44 miles round trip, charging at home overnight.

I am a Tesla shareholder and really hope Tesla will not only make trucks, SUVs and large limos!

So here is my wish list for a compact Tesla:
- 30-40 kWh battery (Shame on Citroen for reducing the iMiev 16 kWh to 14.5 kWh.... don't even think about heating in the winter unless for very short trips)
- Top speed 90 mph, acceleration 0-60 mph in 9s
- low power consumption when sitting idle in the cold garage (not the reported 5 kWh or so per day of Model S = my C-Zero average daily consumption including driving)
- thermally well isolated, efficiently heated & cooled cabin (nothing like the Mitsu nonsense boiler / heat exchanger system sitting in the cold without insulation)
- thermal management of battery (preferably as efficient as Bollore Bluecar with its LMP battery)
- 5 seats / 4 doors
- compact outside, spacious inside (Mitsu: congratulations for iMiev, this one will be hard to top! .. I wouldn't mind if it where a bit bigger though)
- single phase charging for home use with programmable power setting 1-3 kW and charging times
- fast charge option, preferably Chademo (A very nice and reasonably dense Chademo charging network is up and running in Switzerland, this really rocks and makes even a 14 kWh battery bearable!)
- sticker price in CH <35k CHF (<30k USD in US)

What are your experiences, wishes?

Brian H | 20 April, 2013

Sounds reasonable, but I think you'll get more than you're asking for with the GenIII. I doubt now TM will ever make a battery as tiny as 40kWh! ;)

Jolinar | 20 April, 2013

yea Brian, Roadster had 53kWh, Model S 60kWh and I'd be very very much surprised if GenIII would have less than GenI.

so my expectations for GenIII?
1) 50-60kWh battery - Elon said 200 miles will be possible.
2) 50-60kWh * 200-250$/kWh = 10.000-15.000$ as battery cost
3) 5 seat, 4 doors
4) 0-60mph in less than 6 sec in base lavel car, no performance level
5) Supercharger compatible / CHAdeMO compatible
6) both 1-phase and 3-phase charging for Europe
7) 40.000$ sticker price without tax incentives, so 32.500$ with tax incentives.

negarholger | 20 April, 2013

Sounds like an European city car. Leaf is close (missing thermal battery management), MB B class is also close ( price, CHaDemo ).
For the US that is not very practical, distances are quite longer and 200 miles practical range is the minimum for me. E.g. going to SF airport and back (110 fast miles) in a Leaf I would need to recharge twice, and with CHaDemo along the route available I still would use the ICE. With 200 miles practical it is a piece of cake.

My dream car for the US would be a little smaller then the MS and have 300 miles practical range (120 kWh battery if applied to the MS). All other dreams are already here today.

Brian H | 20 April, 2013

Of course, 40kWh is huge, something to brag about for all the other manufacturers dabbling in the lake Tesla navigates widely.