My impressions from the Seattle test drive today

My impressions from the Seattle test drive today

I'm not sure if there has already been a thread started, but I thought I'd give my impressions...

I had my drive at 1 pm today.

Not too much to add to what has already been written but......what a vehicle! My most overriding impression was that this is a really solid car. From the doors, to the trunk and everything else, it just felt really well built. The way the car felt so planted on the road was amazing. Both on the sides streets, and on 99 it was sure footed and calm. I floored it, getting onto 99 and was doing 72 mph, before I even knew it. I then tried punching it from 40 to 60 a few times, and each time the pick up was instantaneous - they type of pick up I don't think is even possible from an ICE car.

A tidbit of information - one Tesla guy, who said he had flown in from Freemont, confirmed they are indeed manufacturing 1 car a day right now, and that he expected that to speed up rapidly, very soon. I am P2159, and he thought I should see my car before the end of October.

Can't wait!

walla2 | 7 July, 2012

I enjoyed the Seattle drive as well and also can't wait. The bad news is that I'm S1179 and my car estimate is October. I do think Tesla might beat October for me but getting through to P2159 seems less likely even by the end of October unless over 1000 have dropped out.

jbunn | 8 July, 2012

Walla, the good news is you're s1179. i'm p 4100 or so... ; )

iridium | 8 July, 2012

I was there as well and put my thoughts here: