Mystery Features.. my wish list

Mystery Features.. my wish list

So Elon is not going to demo the car before deliveries to safeguard some mystery feature.
Very strange, but I guess he will need to reveal them to sig reservation holders before they turn reservations to orders.

Here is what I want to see:

1) HUD display
2) Active air suspension. So the suspension detects bumps via the radar and actively smoothes out the ride.
3) Flat Pack seats, to make 2nd and 3rd row seats practically disappear.
4) New colours
5) Display elements instead of dashboard trim. One can have a different trim image every day or as part of profile. Carbon today, lacewood tomorrow, ...
6) Augmented reality features in the new dashboard monitors and trim monitors (heat seeking camera for animal detection etc..)
7) 2nd row seats turnable to face 3rd row seats
8) Better whole auto air filtering system
9) Pop up hood for people collision protection, to make it an even safer car not only for its passengers
10) Detachable headrest for better comfort than the integrated ones currently in MS,
11) Eye detection safety system to safeguard against driver falling asleep (looking at display for too long, texting while driving)
12) Onboard camera system to record outside environment for security and collision evidence
13) .... the list goes on

I know I will not convert my sig reservation without the chance to sit in the car at least once before going firm. | 5 March, 2015

How about a microwave oven in the "microwave"? Oops, I forgot. The MX won't have a "microwave".

toby_wan_kenoby | 5 March, 2015

your sentence does not even make sense on a childish level

vandacca | 5 March, 2015

@toby_wan_kenoby, I think @georgehawley was poking fun at your #2 suggestion:
Active air suspension. So the suspension detects bumps via the radar and actively smoothes out the ride.

jordanrichard | 5 March, 2015

georgehawley, I get it and that would be funny as hell if the car being it the X or the MS actually had a microwave in the frunk. Just exactly how much energy would a microwave draw? Hmmmm......

Though, that would be a bit of a reach to make popcorn.

Remnant | 5 March, 2015

(1) Cabin air intakes at the rear of the vehicle, replacing the front ones, in order to minimize the suction of fumes from the ICE exhausts in front of it.
(2) A timed air-tight-cabin switch, in order to minimize the intake of fumes and dust while crossing sections of the road thus contaminated, with auto-off at 2-3 minutes and/or a flashing mode, in case the driver forgets it on.
(3) Side rearview cameras in a different location from the side mirrors, with dashboard displays and easy to remove side mirrors, to be ready for the NHTSA permission to rid the car of the latter.
(4) Get rid of the center rearview mirror, if allowed, as it has already been replaced by a rearview camera.
(5) Quad-Motor option (with pair of ~150hp front motors, pair of ~300hp rear motors, electronic inverter/Torque-Vectoring module, and no mechanical differentials). I expect such an option to provide reduced weight and energy consumption, increased range, and high performance.

mr.fabian.rappe | 5 March, 2015

Quad motor config will be namned DD Elon likes his corny names right?

FelixMendeldog | 6 March, 2015

Microwave ovens don’t waste much electricity—many sailboats have them. Another efficient way to cook with electricity is with induction plates which are far more efficient than the more common (in USA anyway) conductive heating elements and at least a billion times safer. Cruise ships kitchens use induction primarily for safety. The two last things you want aboard a boat are open flames or red hot conductive heating elements to fall upon.

A Tesla Model X with a tiny mounted microwave oven just like the ones on sailboats would be fantastic for car camping! The Sears online store has this category already: “Compact Microwaves For Boats.”

primetime98 | 6 March, 2015

I hope they keep the sideview cameras. I realize at this point the mirrors will probably have to stay put but having the camera as an option would be great. I'm a Sig (#911) owner too but I think it's unlikely I'll get a chance to sit in one before it comes out. I'm hopeful but not optimistic. Either way looking forward to it.

spacevertex | 6 March, 2015