The Mystery of the unlocking and open rear door ?

The Mystery of the unlocking and open rear door ?

Question has anyone had their passenger side rear door unlocked and open by itself ? This happened twice in the same day . I am very good about locking the car with a tap on the key and watching the handles retract. It was just 1 door. Got any ideas ? Is this another static discharge mystery event?

Schlermie | 25 July, 2013

Other folks have reported that problem in the past. Sometimes it's fixed with a software update. Sometimes it needs the entire handle mechanism replaced. You should contact Tesla service.

nickjhowe | 25 July, 2013

@KWTESLA - what were the circumstances? Has been reported occasionally when washing the car (happened to me) when water gets into the mechanism, or may be a fault with the handle.

brickayola | 25 July, 2013

This happened to me twice on the driver door and twice the rear driver-side door during the first 2 months. Rain and shine conditions. They replaced the door handles 2 months ago, hasn't happened since