Need more TRACTION!

Need more TRACTION!

Anybody know of tire/wheels that give better 1/4 mile times that fit around the MS huge rear brakes? Everyone at the track was stunned that an Electric ran neck and neck with a Shelby... I'd love to just blow it away with better tires. The Shelby was running Hoosiers.

MSNGIRL | 20 April, 2013

I dont think the MS spins its tires on launch too much. I think there was a guy that did 12.2. It all depends on the battery state and ground temperature. I'm sure lighter wider wheels and some lightweight sticky tires would help gain a few tenths. Someone will get it in the 11's eventually, because its not too far off.

nwdiver93 | 20 April, 2013

My wheels spun significantly. The Shelby had a better 60' time. Since the Tesla has far more power at low RPMs this has to be due to loss of traction.

Brian H | 20 April, 2013

were you using Traction Control off? That may have been a mistake.

lph | 20 April, 2013

Tesla has the best traction control in the business. No one to date to my knowledge can get better times with TC off. As Brian said you should make sure that TC is on.
Having the performance plus package should decrease the times somewhat because of the larger rear tires. Elon's car did 60 in 3.9 sec which did have the larger rears.

nwdiver93 | 20 April, 2013

TC was on.

ian | 20 April, 2013

Sounds like you need some Hoosiers too! ;-)

Brian H | 20 April, 2013

Surprised you managed "significant" tire spin, then.

lph | 21 April, 2013

You may want to get the car checked.

RonaldA | 22 April, 2013

With 19 inch all season my tires spin with tc on like crazy (p85). My roadster doesn't spin at all with TC on but I go through rear tires every 6000 miles. I guess thats the price you pay. Is the traction significantly better with the 21 inch performance tires?

jat | 22 April, 2013

@RonaldA - a number of people have reported wheelspin in performance models with 19" wheels even with TC on. It seems like maybe TC needs to be sensitive to the tires installed and adjust the allowed slip accordingly (the maximum coefficient of friction is somewhere around 10% slip, depending on road and tire conditions).

dstiavnicky | 22 April, 2013

The video says the Mustang had a red light. That means he jumped the gun and the Tesla did win.

Turn off your headlights and any other power consumption items next time to let all of the battery power go to the engine. Same as full charge, that makes it a bit quicker.

jat | 22 April, 2013

@dstiavnicky - ET is from the time you leave the start until you cross the finish line, so when the other guy left doesn't change the fact that the Shelby took less time to finish the quarter mile. Reaction time does enter into who crosses the finish line first, of course.

carlk | 22 April, 2013

I'm sure the sticker and wider PSII comes with the performance plus option will help.

Alex K | 22 April, 2013

@dstiavnicky | APRIL 22, 2013: Turn off your headlights and any other power consumption items next time to let all of the battery power go to the engine. Same as full charge, that makes it a bit quicker.

The P85 has power to spare. The limiting factor is not power, but what can get transferred to the wheels. Case in point is the P85 Performance Plus model which goes faster with wider tires.

herkimer | 22 April, 2013

@nwdiver93 looks like you need to retrofit the Performance Plus upgrade.

christurbeville | 22 April, 2013

I can tell you with the '21s wheel spin is common. It isn't like its sitting still making smoke but if you gun it the TC flashes and I can fell the rear squirm as the tires break and the TC goes to work. With this torque why they didn't use 285s is beyond me. I get the desire for staggerless setup and ease of tire rotation etc but the P isn't for price its for performance:)

gimp_dad | 22 April, 2013

@ christurbeville +1

I couldn't agree more about the rear tires. With exact same rolling circumference and 21x10" rims you could have used Michelin PS 285/30ZR21 tires and gotten a lot more stability and traction while cornering. The fronts could have remained exactly as they are right now. Anyone paying this much for the perf option should have no problem with the staggered setup.

Vall | 22 April, 2013

I can tell you the exact reason they didn't go with wider tires, and it is mileage. Wider tires mean more rolling resistance, and lower mileage, at any speed. They already tested the car and advertised it with a certain EPA range, maybe the Performance Plus package will have revised range. Ordering the performance with the standard 19" wheels and buying aftermarket 20" or 21" wheels and tires is as good a solution as any for those that feel traction is inadequate for their driving style.

Alex K | 22 April, 2013

@Vall | APRIL 22, 2013: They already tested the car and advertised it with a certain EPA range, maybe the Performance Plus package will have revised range.

Yes, revised range: the range is higher on the Performance Plus with wider tires. They claim it has to do with the tire type.

gimp_dad | 22 April, 2013

Exactly, Alex K.

Vall, it is very expensive to get aftermarket 21x10" rims because it is not a common size (especially since the Model S also has a unique bolt diameter). With custom built rims, you would probably pay around $6k compared to a negligible difference to the current Perf rims if Tesla had done this size specifically for the Perf.

And, I'm not that obsessive about appearance but (IMHO) the biggest weakness in the beautiful and aggressive appearance of the P85 is how narrow the rear tires are. Just doesn't look right. To make a change, we have to buy four new rims even though you probably would not change anything about the size of the fronts. You are not going to be able to find new rear 21x10" rims that perfectly match the existing 21x8.5" rims.

Lastly, although the Michelin PS tires in 285 width would probably still give better range than the 245 Continentals, they would certainly wear faster. That's the price you pay for performance anyway. On my last supercar I had Michelin Pilot Sport Cup tires (almost no tread) which lasted less than 4k miles (but, man were they fantastic). After that, 10-12k miles sounds great. :-)

lobo426 | 22 April, 2013

Sounds like we need a Model S Super Sport, dual full size motor AWD, and 140kwh battery, plus the performance plus package. Makes you wonder what it would do to the competition.

Tiebreaker | 22 April, 2013

Was the Shelby stock?

MSNGIRL | 22 April, 2013

I can only imagine if the model s had dual motor AWD. I would surely think a 10 second car. I wonder if Tesla could implement a race or track mode in the car. It could be strictly for short quick runs. Almost like a nitrous button or boost increase if you will. Call it HIVOLT or something like that. It seems to me, all they need is higher output motors to go faster. BTW is the top speed of the cars motor limited by Tesla or is that pretty much based on the size of the one speed gear?

jat | 22 April, 2013

@italianospeed - at low RPM, it is mostly limited by traction. At higher RPMs, it is mostly limited by the output capacity of the batteries.