New Tesla Range Calculator

New Tesla Range Calculator

Not sure how long this has been up, but Tesla added a new range calculator where you set the speed, temperature and tire size and it shows the range for all four models. Rather cool!

You have to scroll down almost to the bottom to find it. It is also removed when using the car and mobile devices so you have to view it on a PC/mac. | 1 July, 2015

You can also turn on/off AC.

Under Chrome, the wheels are not aligned properly, but they look fine under Firefox and IE.

Tropopause | 1 July, 2015

How many kW's do they base those range numbers off of?

rzander01 | 1 July, 2015

Cool, I've been waiting for this to come back, it used to be there but went away when the 70D was announced.

rzander01 | 1 July, 2015

Too bad they speed setting only goes up to 70mph, that is not realistic for many high ways where the speed limit is 70 or 75 and flow of traffic is higher.

Mathew98 | 1 July, 2015

And the EPA mileage goes way up when the outside temp is 110 w/o using AC.

How does a 70D go 270 miles @70/MPH and 110 outside w/o using AC? The calculation is a bit suspect.

What's a few miles between friends???

Red Sage ca us | 1 July, 2015

I think the idea is that the battery pack gets the full force of the cooling system to itself, without having to share with the environmental system.

1BadNerd | 1 July, 2015

In Chrome the wheels look just like they did when I got my tires rotated today.

To make this practical, it should also show the typical distance traveled. For example, it shows a 20% hit at 65 MPH when the temperature drops from 65 degrees to 0 and the heat is on. That may be true over longer commuting distances, but for a 20 mile commute (each way), the impact is more like 30%..

jdsmith19 | 1 July, 2015

I was curious how they're calculating the range, so I took a look under the hood and voila... there's a lot more data than they're surfacing on the page. They're loading range from external JSON files for each car model. You can take a look at them here if you're so inclined (and able to interpret the JSON).


There's some interesting stuff here. Speed data is available up to 85 MPH and there are some other parameters that aren't controllable in the UI--namely Windows Up/Down and Lights On/Off. You can also get the 'City' mileage amount which doesn't take speed into account when calculating.

I was able to take this and make my own little calculator for myself to do some estimates for my currently-in-production 70D.

Kimscar | 1 July, 2015

For me it's of no use since I have a P85 and they don't show the older version. I'm pretty sure the 85 is not a match based on the mileage listed at 65 but I could be wrong and if anyone knows that please correct me.
Also they stop at 70. The Vegas route is usually around 75, 73 to 78 for me.

garygid | 1 July, 2015

Good work, looking under the bonnet.

Mathew98 | 1 July, 2015 is much more accurate.

Rocky_H | 2 July, 2015

@Kimscar, The P85 to 85 should be pretty close to the same, at least according to Tesla. When the dual motor versions came out, they created this web page, which charted the ranges across speed for the various types. They were standardizing by using 19" wheels on all of them. In the charts, they treated the P85+, P85, and S85 as one model type, so they seemed to think they did basically the same.

e5m1r | 8 March, 2016

Is there a link to the calculator that jdsmith19 made ? since tesla has for some reason removed their own