New York City Mayor doing the right thing

New York City Mayor doing the right thing

Bloomberg to push for more EV parking in NYC

olanmills | 14 February, 2013

Forcing property owners to build something regardless of whether their customers/users want or need it is the right thing?

kw1 | 15 February, 2013

Yes we require all sorts of things that people did not think they wanted or needed to pay for at the time; seat belts, air bags, etc. That is one way we move forward as a society. Which comes first - the cars or the chargers. If you build it they will come :)

lightly | 15 February, 2013

Go Bloomberg! I also support his limit on the size of sugarery drinks.

However I don't think it's too likely that his electric car parking initiative will pass a vote by the city council. But this is a great way to create awareness and move the discussion along.