New York Times Article - And My response

New York Times Article - And My response

John - I assume you did the research, or perhaps someone at Tesla told you, that when you go for an extended trip you you do a max charge - that would have given you 265+ miles of rated range. When you go on a road trip in your gas car do you put 12 gallons in a 14 gallon tank?

If I go somewhere in my gas car, spend $8 to get 2 gallons and 60 miles of range, but needed 3 gallons to go 90 miles and get there, and run out of gas, shame on me. Plug in overnight, always. It's EASY.

Here's the equivalent - you get gas when you need to. You plug in every night when you get to your destination. There are more outlets in America than gas pumps - probably at least 1 million times more. Every outlet in America is a refilling station. Come on!

Why didn't you point out the basics that you failed on? If you ran out of gas would you blame Ford for not telling you the car's MPG, or Exxon for not having a station when you needed it?

Driving an electric car is NOT less convenient, it just asks you to think differently. Takes effort, just like a gas car requires effort. If you start simple-mindedly with the gas paradigm as the baseline, you have made a basic mistake. Would get on a bike and write a negative article because you couldn't make it go 65 MPH? Please make the effort next time and acknowledge when you don't.

ironhacker | 13 February, 2013


Dave, you could use a level 2 charger. There are several in your area. Check out

GeirT | 13 February, 2013

Where is Tesla's response, the log data??? Time is running and this is not looking good for TM. Lots of uncertainty created and they cannot afford to lose this window to retract the "fake" report in NYT!

Brian H | 13 February, 2013

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Superliner | 13 February, 2013

Hey Brian!

That picture looks alot like where my house is. Talk about some good ol' seat puckering range anxiety?

Ever notice how all these news rag reviewers manufacture a way to have range issues? Well we did not charge to max, or we did not plug in overnight, We could not wait long enough to add the range needed? We thought we could make it, the list goes on and on.

Brian H | 13 February, 2013

Anxiety sells ...