No Problems at all!

No Problems at all!

Vin 4461, 85,Pano,Air,Tech,19",Silver.

I read all the forums regularly and am certainly sympathetic with all of the various problems some Model S owners have experienced. Having picked up our Model S on February 5th, and driven about 2,500 miles, This is the most amazing car I have ever driven. I have not experienced any problems whatsoever and I hope I am in the majority. The Superchargers are wonderful and like everyone else, I wish for more. I am so thankful that Elon Musk has allowed us to share in his vision of the future. How many of you out there are experiencing trouble free driving?

jfeldman72 | 7 March, 2013

I agree....I have 3k miles on my car and received it January 11th. Best car I have ever owned. Kids think I am the coolest dad ever. My license plate says "gasfree" and I have had people walk up to me and ask me if Gasfree is my car while I am seated at a restaurant. People take pictures of my kids while they are in the jump seats. 1 tiny issue with a speaker, but they are all over it and it will be fixed soon. I love this car. God I hope Tesla is around in 20 years.

jat | 7 March, 2013

Same here, though no superchargers near me.

David59 | 7 March, 2013


jhuang | 7 March, 2013

I'm supposed to pick up mine this weekend and am a bit nervous discovering possible issues I may run into with the car. Does anyone know where I can get a comprehensive list of things to check for during the delivery/pickup?


DFibRL8R | 7 March, 2013

No mechanical problems with 60kWh car. Love it. 5 weeks and 2500 miles in.

GLO | 7 March, 2013

More than 2300 miles, no gas, $44.00 for first power bill for about 2000 miles, LOVE IT! Constantly getting looks and pictures taken of the car. Yesterday at a stop light woman was so excited and giving me the thumbs up she almost rear ended the car in front of her, laughing all the way...

David Trushin | 7 March, 2013

There are some checklists that you can find by using volkerize. I used one and found no problems with my car. Had an issue with a transformer about a week in, but that was immediately fixed. Now just waiting for dry weather and I'm off. So far about 1000 miles on the car.

Dennis | 7 March, 2013

no problems here. more than two months without stopping at a gas station. never going back. i still take the long way around just to drive it that much more.

shop | 7 March, 2013

No problems here. Honestly, for the new car owners out there, don't get scared by the forums posts. Every single popular product has forums like this one where one of complaints get aired. Tesla is fixing these problems in their service centers, and meanwhile I have seen zero evidence of any systemic or repeatable problem that hasn't been addressed already. Great car.

EcLectric | 7 March, 2013

Whaddaya mean 'no problems' ? The Model S has within a month turned my wife's formerly nice ICE car into a groaning, vibrating, squeaking jalopy. Every time I drive our ICE car now, I can hear the 'chitty chitty bang bang' song going through my head.

EcLectric | 7 March, 2013

Just wait. It will happen to you...

village33 | 7 March, 2013


Brian H | 7 March, 2013

You mean becoming a creaking jalopy? Sad, but true ...

Thumper | 7 March, 2013

Car built during the year end rush. Delivered Jan. 2. No problems at all!

dqb | 7 March, 2013

@mcptwo, just passed 2k miles and no probs so far other than minor issues with 4.1 firmware, but nothing that a quick phone all didn't fix. Great car experience. I do sympathize with others who have faced/are facing issues, and hopefully Tesla is addressing and improving.

bradslee | 8 March, 2013


When TM delivers your MS, just use your common sense to look around the car to see if you can find any noticeable issues with the car. Since Tesla business model has changed the traditional concept of buying a car, you should try to adjust your own mind in taking the car. If I were you, I would just accept the delivery and go for a joyful drive. That was exactly what I did after I took the delivery of my MS last December. If you find any issues with the car, just contact TM by calling them or come visiting this Forums to get yourself educated (you will be surprised and pleased to find out the info on this Forums are extremely helpful). Since I have had my MS last December, I have not had any problems. I hope yours will be the same. Congratulations on the owner-to-be of an awesome driving machine!

KendallPB | 8 March, 2013

No problems. Very happy. :-D

Azdcmoney | 9 March, 2013

Glad u made this post! I have had mine since December, I haven't had a single issue besides gawkers!

jjaeger | 10 March, 2013

Received mine Dec 23 and it's been nearly issue free (one reboot from the steering wheel and no communications w/ Tesla since receiving it).

On our first road trip - drove from CA Bay Area to Phoenix last week for some Spring Training games - and that 800+ mile trip was a breeze with the Superchargers on I5 down to Barstow. One overnight at Kingman AZ and then an easy jaunt into PHX. Two legs were in excess of 200 miles, and WHILE not my normal spiritedly runs (80+ on I5), made both with 50 miles in the tank, so now know how to do trip (with elevation changes at night) at essentially the EPA rated #'s. While these legs were not as much 'fun' as the others, i now have no concerns with trips in the 200-250 range, with the latter pushing my comfort zone for buffer for the unexpected. Tomorrow evening start the trip home and expect it to be as much fun as the drive south.

Pbfoot | 10 March, 2013

As noted above, the main 'problem' I have is gawkers, often pulling out their smartphones to take pics while driving. Makes me nervous so I put them in my rear view quickly. Otherwise this forum is occupied by one or two trolls with a clear agenda, who dredge up the 'problem' posts to keep them at the top of the list. Ignore them. The car is worth the money and more.

wheatcraft | 10 March, 2013

I picked up my MS at the factory this past Wednesday, March 6. As near as I can tell, it was in perfect condition at the time. I have only had it for 5 days, so not much of a test, but so far, no problems whatsoever. I totally love it!!

JohhnyS | 10 March, 2013

I think Tesla has corrected most of the early problems with software version 4.2. Some of the concerns posted in December (12V issues) are no longer mentioned. We have 3000 miles and no compalints or problems. Almost every day we get a positive comment about the car in public.

Brian H | 10 March, 2013

I see that, like most owners, you're "calibrating" how much fun you can afford to have on each run. The goal would seem to be maximum speed and fun on the drive, and arriving with the minimum rated miles left your nerves can handle! ;)

trydesky | 10 March, 2013

Besides the delivery process (ahh, logistics) 1200 miles in a month, ans zero problems. I do hear a small squeak in the brakes occasionally, but it's rare, so I'm thinking it's a new-brake" wear in thing.

negarholger | 10 March, 2013

Delivery perfect six month ahead of expected. Zero phone calls needed, worked per email like a charm. Car was ready on start of delivery window, but I had to delay a couple of days to pick it up. Very minor issue but service took care of it same day. Drives like a dream and so comfortable and relaxing without the engine noise, just wind and tire noise.

jat | 11 March, 2013

@trydesky - brake rotors will get a thin layer of rust when they aren't used, and it makes a bit of noise when it scrapes off. You use the brakes so much less in the Model S, maybe that is what you are hearing. I haven't noticed it myself, but then I usually have music on.

Abby | 11 March, 2013

We picked up our 60Kwh on Feb 18th in Springfield, NJ and have put 1300 miles on it so far. No problems at all! Love the car. Experienced the super chargers for the first time in Milford, Ct this weekend and they were all working. Every 60 owner should buy the super charger option. . Tesla should include it in all the 60,as they do in the 85, because if you don't have it, you can't use the super charging networks on the East Coast I-95 corridor. Without it, road trips would be impossible.

bobinfla | 11 March, 2013

Only problem is that my wife drives it to work almost every day, so I am relegated to being a night or weekend driver only. On the plus side, I am much less likely to procrastinate on any jobs which require me to jump in the Model S and take a for a spin.

Steve_W | 11 March, 2013

I wish I could say my car is pefect, but it is far from perfect. I picked up the car on March 5 and drove it home, parking it in the garage to keep it out of a pending snowstor. The car stayed in the garage March 6 because of the snow. On March 7 I drove from my home in MD to VA. Parked the car. When i returned, the car was dead. It had gone to sleep and would not wake up.

The car has 100 miles on it (inluding the miles Tesla put on it before delivery) and had to be towed to the Rockville Service Center. This is the first car in my nearly 40 years of car ownership that has left me stranded. Tesla is still trying to figure out why the car goes to sleep and then wakens up on it's own. So far, they have had the car 4 days, twice as long as I had it, with no end in sight.

Tesla was helpful with getting a tow truck to me, and a rental car so I could get home. But the fact is the car broke with 100 miles on it, Tesla has no idea what the problem is, and can not give a guess as to when it may be fixed. They currently say it could be the 85 kWh battery, a crimped/broken wire, a loose wire, or a software problem. In other words, it could be anything. Further, I have to listen to my wife telling me I bought a lemon and should have bought a Lexus/Toyota (like she did on Jan. 30). I get similar comments from friends that thought about getting a Tesla before I had my problem. When I do get the car back, I'm not going to have confidence in it for some time.

David M. | 11 March, 2013

After 3 months and 3,000 miles:
- No mechanical issues
- No cosmetic issues
- The car is so quiet that I am noticing a faint rattle sound coming from the rear trunk area. Probably an unsecured wire. Funny, in my old gas powered car, there is no way I would have been able to hear that sound.

I get thumbs up from other drivers all the time. Best comment ever was from a little girl (maybe 6 or 7 years old). I was showing the Model S at a "Cars and Coffee" event, and she walked up and asked about the car. I told her it's electric (no gasoline). She was confused. So I opened the frunk and she said "where's the engine?". I said "there is no engine, just a small electric motor". I showed her the rear trunk, but she was still confused about running on electric. So I popped open the charging port and said "here's where you plug it into the wall, and like a cell phone, it runs all day". Light bulb ON! She ran over to her dad and said "we have to get one of these"!

David Trushin | 11 March, 2013

I would trust the Tesla service people to find the problem and resolve it. It certainly sounds like a loose connection somewhere and it may take a while to find it. I think once it's resolved, it may take a while to build up confidence but it will come back. Other people have had such good experiences that you should as well. Sorry about your bad first impression though.

cerjor | 11 March, 2013

The only problem I have had is with the rear seatbelts. Passengers there say they get tighter and tighter as the trip progresses. The only way to loosen them it to take them completely off, let them retract all the way and start again. The front ones don't have this problem.

Brian H | 11 March, 2013

The only issue would be if they come up with a "maybe" solution. If it is a clear and definite source and resolution, I'm sure your confidence will come back swiftly.

petero | 11 March, 2013

Jhuang. Think positive and enjoy the moment. Our “S” was perfect upon delivery…and still is! Make sure the VIN # matches your paperwork, all the options are there, and get a due bill for anything owed (rear child seats, parcel shelf, wall charger).

You are in for a wonderful treat. Have your DS go through the systems with you (pair phones, homelink) and especially have him/her watch YOU plug in and detach the charging chord. Also make sure they set the correct settings for charging.

nickjhowe | 11 March, 2013

Make sure you use the Model S delivery checklist

kalel65 | 12 March, 2013

I agree with most of you. Have had absolutely no problems with the car. It's super!

Plus the fact that you can request any song and have it play is great - the look on my grandson's face when his song was played was priceless!

Brian H | 24 November, 2013


Brian H | 25 November, 2013