Ontario Electric Vehicle Charging Incentive Program

Ontario Electric Vehicle Charging Incentive Program

I noticed the site did not have a link to this incentive program run by the Ontario Ministry of Transportation in Canada.

Thought I would post it here in the event it could become useful for someone.

The program offers up to 1000.00 for a charging station you have installed.

It is grand fathered to sometime in 2010.

Brian H | 17 May, 2013

Tesla doesn't use charging stations. Just outlets, plugs.

Joshua Burstyn | 17 May, 2013

The HPWC would count as a charging station, no? I was considering either the HPWC or the Sun Country CS-90. :-)

Thank you for the info.

Brian H | 18 May, 2013

Mebbe so, mebbe no. It is not technically qualified.

Joshua Burstyn | 18 May, 2013

I think they both are qualified:

"Tesla HPWC Tesla Level 2
208-250 V

Tesla Motors Inc"

... and ...

or Sun Country Highway


Sun Country Highway

Level 2
208-240 V
Level 2
208-240 V

https://suncoun [...] "

From the Eligible Electric Vehicle Charging Stations website. Noted as "Eligible Electric Vehicle Charging Stations".

Brian H | 18 May, 2013

I was mislead by the word "chargers" I guess. Charging stations is much more inclusive.

4humanity | 19 May, 2013

I admit I did not look at the information in depth. At a glance I was under the impression that as long as you had 240 run to your garage or something similar you would qualify.

I also noticed Tesla on the list as being qualified for the rebate.

It may be mentioned in the sales process also, was not sure, so I posted it anyway.

Glad to help in the event someone saved some bucks from it.