Open Vehicles Box

Open Vehicles Box

I am about to buy a (second hand clearly) Tesla Roadster - a non sport 2.5. As I am in the UK, it will be one of the 179 (?) that were delivered to this country.

I have just bought a new OVMS box (version 2) to have installed in the car to allow me good remote access and tracking.

The box came from the supplier Fast Tech recommended by the Open Vehicles website. The box has arrived, however, without an aerial, a connector to the car's diagnostic port, or a GPS detector.

Please could anyone who has used one of these help me with these two questions:

1. Do I need a GPS sensor or does the box get the location data from the car direct?

2. Where could I get a suitable aerial and lead, and connector lead for the diagnostics port of the car?

Thank you

samcar | 23 February, 2015

When I purchased my OVMS (several years ago). Everything was ala carte, OVMS module, d-sup to diagnostic port connector, antenna. OVMS uses the GPS fom the car you do not need one to make OVMS work.
All items are available on the website

simonog | 24 February, 2015

@samcar: thank you - I have now ordered all the parts.

For anyone else considering one (and they look brilliant, for certain others cars too apparently), Open Vehicles support helpfully and quickly sent me the following table of links - it is a great reference:

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