Orbital polishers

Orbital polishers

Now that I have a black car, I'm thinking more about getting an orbital waxer/polisher. Are they worth it? 6in or 10in? Any other advise would be appreciated, like the best bonnet material. Thanks.

RedShift | 23 June, 2013

I bought a 10" version. However, after several uses, I feel they are not worth it. You cannot get a feel for when all polishing material has been wiped off, and secondly, they are noisy and vibrate too much.
So I am not using mine when I polish the car anymore. Manual polishing seems best, and may be a bit faster, counter-intuitive as that may seem.

I'd consider the cordless 6" if its a must-have, with a low speed setting, coz polishing requires lower speeds.

Regarding bonnets: please go with the BEST microfiber ones. The stock bonnet I used produced swirlie scratches all over, ugh.

rdalcanto | 23 June, 2013

Thanks RedShift. I'm going to put Glare on the car. The bottle says to use wool bonnet for polishing, and terry cloth for waxing. I guess I will look into microfiber ones too. Turns out my brother has a polisher and will loan it to me. I will see how it goes....

JPPTM | 24 June, 2013 | 24 June, 2013

+1 for Griot's

cgiGuy | 26 June, 2013

I used Glare after a wash with Dawn. It was very easy to remove by hand after letting it glaze out in the sun. Plus, no chance of burning through clearcoat or paint with a buffer. Did a good job of getting rid of some minor spiderwebbing. My MS is blue.

kevincwelch | 3 July, 2013

In my opinion, if you are serious about maintaining your finish, then get a dual action (DA) orbital polisher. I would not get one of those 10 inch things you find in AutoZone. Griot's Garage makes a very good one (6 inch), or if you really want to step it up, get a Flex or Rupes polisher.

If you're just applying wax, you can get away with hand application.

However, if you want to remove below surface defects and actually polish the car to maintain its shine, I'd invest in a DA polisher.

JPPTM | 3 July, 2013

If you are really serious, then keep your car clean, wash it properly, and wax it. Polishing to me is acknowledging failure to maintain, making you cut off a microscopic layer of clear coat/paint. You cannot do this too often before you need to repaint. I use all of Griot's Garage products, do not own an orbital polisher, and have cared for (and still own) a black one.

rdalcanto | 3 July, 2013

Update. My brother had a 10 inch polisher that he lent me. I didn't use it, because after one look at the giant thing I realized it wasn't going to work with all the curves of the MS. I was at Walmart, and saw the Turtle Wax 6 inch polisher for less than $20. I thought for that little money, why not try. I washed the car and applied Glare. They said the first layer is a polish. I don't know if I was using too much, but it took a while to work it all to a shine. I then did the wax step, which means apply, let it dry, and then buff off. The orbital buffer was awesome. I used the foam applicator to quickly put it on, and then the microfiber pads to take it off. Worked very fast without a lot of energy/shoulder work. I think the 6 inch is the way to go. The shine from the Glare was incredible for a few hours. Then the dust and dirt from the road took the mirror appearance away. Still looks good, but I would have to wash the black finish everyday to keep it mirror like. Hopefully I only have to do the wax 1-2 times/year, but I like the 6 inch polisher.