Our First Road Trip - Freeway and Mountains.

Our First Road Trip - Freeway and Mountains.

Here is a report of our first road trip, 486 miles - freeway and mountains. Average energy usage: 323 watts/mile, minimal time spent waiting for a charge.

Brian H | 2 April, 2013

What an ordeal! Let me guess: you'll force yourselves to suffer it regularly.

shs | 2 April, 2013

Looking forward to taking 49 in the Tesla again in the daylight.

Filipe Portugal | 2 April, 2013

Nice poast :)

jemartin | 2 April, 2013

Great trip, great site, great house, great views. Between your Tesla grin (which I share), your energy-efficient-house grin, your sailing grin, you must look pretty happy all the time... This East-Coaster is jealous...