Overdrive MP3 audiobook and USB

Overdrive MP3 audiobook and USB

I was wondering if anybody is able to download audiobooks from their public libraries (using Overdrive) and able to copy it to a USB drive for use in the Tesla? In my BMW I have an iPod specifically for my audiobooks but I see that you can't use an iPod with the Tesla's USB port. Most people seem to put music on a USB drive which would work fine for me but I'm not sure if Overdrive audiobooks will play on a USB drive.

If anybody is currently doing this please let me know. Thanks.

stevenmaifert | 28 October, 2013

I don't know about Overdrive, but as long as the audiobook file is in a supported audio file format, it should work.

HaroldS | 29 October, 2013

If the audiobook is .MP3 format then you can directly copy the files to your USB stick and they will play fine. On the other hand, .WMA is, of course, a proprietary format and won't play through the Tesla system. You need a utility to convert the .WMA files to .MP3 (or some other supported format). I do that with all the Overdrive .WMA audiobooks. Of course, after the lending period is over you should delete the files, regardless of which format you ended up with.

AoneOne | 29 October, 2013

If you can't get your audiobooks into MP3 format, you could consider adding a bluetooth transmitter to your iPod, like this I haven't used this transmitter, but I have used that company's receiver and it works well and the sound is certainly good enough for audio books.

mggurley | 9 November, 2013

Unable to pair a Miccus Mini-Jack TX with my MS. A Bellevue SC Tech got the Miccus to pair with his phone, but not the MS. Was hoping this TX would enable a portable DVD player to send library CD talking books audio through the MS sound system.

hall618 | 28 December, 2013

I download audio books all the time and play using a USB drive in my Tesla. Works fine. Sometimes it seems not to want to recognize the drive, but I play with it a while and get connected. Most of the time it works without a hitch.

hamer | 28 December, 2013

I ripped an audiobook using iTunes last week for the first time. I could not get it to my iPhone (a long story involving a smashed computer so that I have not figured out how to sync my iPhone to iTunes on my new computer without having the computer wipe out what is on the iPhone), so I copied it to a USB drive (I always rip in .mp3 format). Worked fine (but I had to rename some tracks when ripping in order to get them to play in the right order since on the 10 CDs, the naming seemed to be inconsistent.)