Private Plate for sale!!!

Private Plate for sale!!!

Hi guys!

I'm currently a member of Lancer-register (MLR) which is a Mitsubishi forum. One of the guys directed me to this forum.
Basically i have a private registration I've just had removed off my EVO 8 MRFQ320 which could interest to you guys here at Tesla Motors.

The registration reads T333SLA

Here is a image below of the registration on my vehicle


Registration is currently on retention and I have the full paperwork and certificate at hand so it's ready to go. I am open to reasonable offers, if you require any more info please ask

Thank you

Noah.S | 11 April, 2013

Why would you get a T333sla plate if you didn't have a Tesla in the first place...?

ghillair | 11 April, 2013

Does not look like a legal Minnesota plate, I can't us it.

EVOFQ320 | 14 April, 2013

The plate came when I purchased the car also forgot to mention its a UK Registration

PBEndo | 28 April, 2013

Good luck with that....

lamberte | 6 June, 2016

Hello. Have you still got this plate?