Projected Range vs Rated Range

Projected Range vs Rated Range

I am not seeing the Rated Range displayed as the green bar on the digital speedometer reflect what the Energy Tab shows for Projected Range.

My Rated Range reflects very closely the actual miles driven no matter how I drive the car. I would have expected that driving aggressively (380+ Whr/mi) would be cause the Rated Range to decrease faster than actual miles driven and the Rated Range to decrease less than actual miles if driving conservatively (240Whr/mi).

I am wondering if I need a 100+ mile trip to observe this better. Ie the adjustment to Rated Range kicks in at 50% change level or something?

Brian H | 1 May, 2013

Rated is the EPA MPGe estimate applied to your remaining charge, no matter how you've been driving. The Projected adapts to your recent style and usage.

c.bussert67 | 1 May, 2013

From what I've learned driving the S is that RATED comes out to be around 308 Wh/mi. PROJECTED on the energy tab takes an average usage of selected scale you have chosen... 5, 15, or 30. The avg Wh/mi number is on the left and your range from that equation is on the right.
That being said, RATED does use the amount of energy left in the pack and factors in the 308Wh/mi to give you that range number. If you are efficient, (say, on a downhill drive) that number will decrease slower than you cover the miles. On the other hand it will decrease faster than the miles if you are climbing.
As an example, I drive 26 miles to work. It's a loss of about 800 ft. I only 'use' 12 miles of rated range getting to work with a Wh/mi of about 200. By the time I get back home, the wh/mi climb and everything averages out again. I usually finish my round trip with a wh/mi of around 300, and my rated mileage ends up being 1:1 with actual miles driven.
Hope that helps... You'll figure out your own way of seeing the 'gas gauge' and get comfortable with it. Everybody does. Just drive :)