Put deposit to resell a spot in the future

Put deposit to resell a spot in the future

Maybe I am wrong, but I think there were a lot of reservations from people who wanted to make money reselling their place in line for money. And when it appeared to be a problem, they cancelled their reservations. It could be a lot of those "smart" guys.

BYT | 8 January, 2013

Well, new reservations are probably safe bets, doesn't make sense... cents? to tie up $5k for the sake of a couple hundred at this point.

I made a $5k reservation for my dad after he saw my Model S. It was love at first ride!

ylyubarsky | 8 January, 2013

To put $ 5,000 to make $ 5,000 in 9 months, sounds not bad

jk2014 | 8 January, 2013

Makes no sense whatsoever.

ylyubarsky | 8 January, 2013

"Makes no sense" is not an explanation.

Superliner | 8 January, 2013

ylyubarsky | JANUARY 8, 2013 NEW
To put $ 5,000 to make $ 5,000 in 9 months, sounds not bad


ylyubarsky | 8 January, 2013

$ 5000 extra

Brian H | 8 January, 2013

That would mean selling your $5J res for $10K. Hasn't happened, AFAIK.

Brian H | 8 January, 2013

typo: $5K (not $5J!)

willardb | 8 January, 2013

Several such offers have appeared on eBay as well as offers for the actual car before and after delivery.
But I don't know if any were actually sold. My Tesla rep. Has always said that selling a reservation was not permitted.

kidalex | 8 January, 2013

You can't sell your reservation, so you have to buy the car and then have the buyer buy it off of you. Which means you'll probably gonna end up paying the tax twice and then who will get the rebates?? and when?

BYT | 9 January, 2013

You forfeit the rebates when you resell immediately or even a little after purchase and who will but a reservation for so significantly more and forfeit the rebates for maybe less then 6 months of wait at this point?