Radio Key

Radio Key

Would anyone else love a radio key for model s?

I love these things, but people have complained of problems, mine has been flawless...

And you cannot lock yourself out of the car!! If you lock and close door, just push button outside to door, key is detected and it unlocks for you...

I don't think it would take much power, or reduce range at all, considering that the tiny battery in ICE cars can work it for months on end, and still have power to crank engine...

EdG | 18 May, 2011

I expect this to be a no-brainer on a car like this, given all the other electronic sophistication.

On the other hand, I did have to go bail out someone who didn't react quickly enough to the "your key battery is low" warning and got locked out of his car away from home. You'd think that, with a battery that had lasted 2+ years, they'd give you more than a few days warning.

Acura has a built-in key charger in the dash that enables you to trickle charge the key.

Volker.Berlin | 19 May, 2011

I think they will use RFID which does not require a battery (nor a button press, you just have to move your pocket with the key inside close enough to the door). I don't have any source on this, but it seems the obvious choice (and maybe was even mentioned, at least as an option).

Supergreekster | 19 May, 2011

I use one of these systems for work, but it requires 1" distance or less to activate. Better to use battery system...

gianni.terragni | 19 May, 2011

I am using a battery system one for years and it has always good worked. Now is idispensable for me. When I drive different cars I forget to close them as I forget to use the parking brake if it is not automatic

Volker.Berlin | 19 May, 2011

There is a "look mum no hands!" solution for opening the trunk in the new Volkswagen Passat. The only source I found right now is in German, but the pictures tell the story very well:

It's a nice little revelation. If it works well, I'd love to see it in the Model S!

gianni.terragni | 20 May, 2011

How do you say? WUNDERBAR

Mark Petersen | 20 May, 2011

well the RFID chip / reader come in different versions
some sopport 5-10m, but most systems for ID card is made so they only work within 1-5cm

or if the key include a Kinetic powered radio,
or that the ignition key hole double as a charger for the key
or a Motion-Recharged Batterie/capacitor, for the radio

Volker.Berlin | 26 May, 2011

NFC has been mentioned in this forum as another possible method to unlock the car. I just want to link the threads to keep those related ideas together, so that's what I do:

Now we have radio, RFID, NFC. It will be interesting to see which one Tesla chooses (and maybe we can even learn, why).

Volker.Berlin | 26 May, 2011

Just linking another discussion on some issues related to keyless entry/keyless go: