Range Anxiety? Tesla Motors Notoriety.

Range Anxiety? Tesla Motors Notoriety.

My amateur attempt at a marketing slogan. You've got my full permission to use it (just send me some swag if you do!)

Carl Barlev | 29 January, 2013

I think it flows and sounds better without "motors".

Range anxiety?
Tesla notoriety.

Can help to check the syllabel count...

1, 1+3
2, 2+3

Brian H | 29 January, 2013

In common speech, "notoriety" is associated with misbehaviour and a scandalous reputation. Back to the thesaurus.

Joyrider | 30 January, 2013

Range anxiety? Rx Tesla.

Timo | 30 January, 2013

@Brian H, good to know that my understanding of that word was correct.

How about "Range Anxiety? You don't use gas in this car, dummy."

Brian H | 31 January, 2013

Makes even less sense.

Timo | 31 January, 2013

Too smart? Implication that gasoline gives you range anxiety.

Benz | 1 February, 2013

This is a really good marketing slogan:

"Tesla technology kills range anxiety"

It's short, strong, positive and straight to the point.

You have my permission to use it (a Signature Performance Model X will do just fine).

Brian H | 1 February, 2013

"Go Far With a Tesla"

Benz | 2 February, 2013

My slogan sounds like a victory, or like a not expected technological brakethrough.