RC Model S

RC Model S

I think they need to make one. Or at least one of those die cast jobbies. I'd buy one for my son (wink wink, nod nod).

Kallisman | 15 March, 2011

They should probably finish the design first.

zestychicken | 15 March, 2011


Max Inthesun | 13 April, 2011

I also want a Model S RC ... Tesla, please make one! I suggest a Model S with the front of the first drafts, not the one in the "Alpha hits the road" video.

Lush1 | 16 April, 2011

We all want one, but don't you think it would be prudent for Tesla to finish designing it before they market toy versions of it? Can't put the cart before the horse. If you really can't wait, take up resin or plastic molding, make your own body and put it on a suitable, off-the-shelf RC chassis. An enterprising scale modeler could probably sell quite a few, if they were careful to avoid copyright infringement. Probably have to avoid actual Tesla logos and call it something like the "Electric S" to avoid getting sued. Have to be a low volume business too but I would buy one if it well turned out. Then I would fabricate my own decals or plastic logos and stare at it every day until my 1:1 version arrives.

Max Inthesun | 4 June, 2011

@Lush1: Whats wrong with the current design? I would like the rc Model S to look like the one that can be seen everywhere... BTW - how many tiny still-to-change details will be left in a 1:32 model?

Volker.Berlin | 4 June, 2011

Max, foremost this tiny potentially still-to-change detail. In some way, it's just a detail, but in some way it very much defines the character of the car:

kook | 23 December, 2014

The design is funtastic!


Captain_Zap | 23 December, 2014

That was a shock to see Volker.Berlin chiming in.

swid | 23 December, 2014

I'd buy it, but only when they release the version with dual motors...

Brian H | 23 December, 2014

in June, 2011 he was routinely here! | 23 December, 2014

I've been looking for a diecast model, and cant really find a diecast Model S anywhere. I like having a diecast model of any "special" car I end up loving enough to buy sight unseen essentially. Did this once before when I ordered a BMW M3 (2011) from the factory, after a new redesign was introduced...dealerships did not have any on display, anywhere, and as with the Model S (P85D), I was unable to test drive one prior to placing my order. But I had this great diecast M3 during the long wait. :)

EVBeast | 25 December, 2014

If they DO make an RC model, they should make it gas-powered so it has some decent range, and my fun won't last until the batteries die!