Rec'd email from Tesla offering 20% off of enabling Supercharging

Rec'd email from Tesla offering 20% off of enabling Supercharging

Thomas N. | 11 October, 2013

First time I've ever seen something come DOWN in price from Tesla...well maybe the frunk net.

cpetrush | 11 October, 2013

I didn't realize the price had gone up. Looks like its back to the original $2000.

jeffaa | 11 October, 2013

The price is $2,000 when ordering, or $2,500 after delivery (someone please correct me if I'm wrong). They might be offering this because they just opened 2 SCs in my area, and I didn't order SC with the car.

negarholger | 11 October, 2013

"They might be offering this because they just opened 2 SCs in my area, and I didn't order SC with the car" - that sounds logical. And to offer it at the order price seems fair.

GeirT | 11 October, 2013

Nice gesture that they even bother to offer as busy as this company is.

PapaSmurf | 11 October, 2013

It is likely very high margin for Tesla. They already have paid all of the capital costs for the equipment in the car and the Superchargers. Those are sunk costs to tesla motors. So getting those 60 kWh owners to pay $2,000 is just the incremental cost of electricity. It is a bet by tesla that they will use less than $2,000 of electricity over the life of the car. It is likely a very safe bet for Tesla Motors.

Bonlaw | 11 October, 2013

Only applies to 60s and am not sure there are that many of us that did get it originally.
Hurrah! Just ordered. Almost bought it last week at full price. Feel like a winner. Las Vegas here we come!

Captain_Zap | 11 October, 2013

There is a benefit for Tesla in this deal. The more you get out with your car the more exposure they get. There are people in some places that haven't even seen one in person yet.

I forget about that because I usually see one within 5 minutes of hitting the road and 3-5 more during the day.

Bonlaw | 12 October, 2013

So I ordered the supercharger upgrade yesterday on line at 6:00pm. about an hour after the notice came out. I was under the impression that it was a simple over the Internet upgrade. I received a confirmation of the purchase.

How do I know if the upgrade was delivered and I am supercharged? Nothing is different on my Tesla app. and nothing shows on dash/ screen to confirm upgrade.

Thanks for any information.

redacted | 12 October, 2013

@Bonlaw you might call and ask.

elguapo | 12 October, 2013

I received the same email. They've actually been offering it online in the store for the past week or so, unadvertised. Nice move. It's win/win for a 60 owner who wants it post purchase and for Tesla to boost Q4 margins as much as possible to try to get to 25%. I just can't justify it as I'd have to use the SCs a TON to get close to making the money back. Very safe bet for Tesla since, as there's have said, they have to build the SCs anyway.

elguapo | 12 October, 2013

Sorry, "as others have said"

Bonlaw | 12 October, 2013

Not a financially driven decision - buying a Tesla to begin with is not realistically financially driven. Realized after having the car for a bit, I wanted the option to drive long range easily, for the admittedly less than ten times a year I would do so.

elguapo | 12 October, 2013

@Bonlaw I get that it's not a clear financial decision since there's no option to charge on a "one off" basis at an SC and there's no comparable charging alternative. That said, I may use it once or twice a year (likely not at all), so for these 1-2 times, I'd rather have to figure out how to plan a longer trip with slower charging stops.

The only reason I am even considering it is because the price will probably continue to go up over time, so I see it more as a hedge for a lifestyle that may change and maybe resale value (though since it can be added any time, I don't think it should affect resale value).

Also, if you live on the east coast (mid atlantic) as I do, there's a long way to go before a 60 will be able to get between SCs easily. Different topic, but TM seems far behind on East Coast SC building, despite the map...

elguapo | 12 October, 2013

Since we're on the topic, does anyone have a compelling reason why it makes sense to get the SC option on a 60 with the discount? I'd like to find some as I'd like to justify it, but as @Bonlaw said, so much about a Tesla can't be justified on a cost basis...


Volleyguy | 12 October, 2013

"First time I've ever seen something come DOWN in price from Tesla"

I think you are going to see that more often. With the posted replacement cost of the Volt battery at $145 a kwh will Tesla not have to follow suit?

How much does a Model S cost without the battery any guess.

I could see them including SC with the 60 at some point. It costs very little to do so as equipment is all there.