Revenge of the Electric Car

Revenge of the Electric Car

Hi all,

It's been a long time since I've posted but I've been busy enjoying my Roadster and busy with our film project - Revenge of the Electric Car. Revenge is directed by fellow Roadster owner and fellow EVangelist, Chris Paine.

Our documentary follows the story of the big and not so big names looking to bring electric cars back on the road. Obviously, Tesla Motors is one of the film’s main protagonists.

We're launching a campaign to build awareness to the film which we hope will bring awareness to EVs. I invite you to join our facebook page ( and join in on the conversation. When we get to 10,000 fans - we will premiere the official trailer. Please help spread the word on our project. Each and every one of you is part of this fascinating story and we want you to get your 15 minutes of fame. :)

I look forward to catching up with many of you.

Stefano Durdic
Executive Producer
Revenge of the Electric Car
Roadster #337
Model S #25 (Reservation)

Ishiwago | 15 November, 2010

looks good. all the best with the project!

Jaffray | 16 November, 2010

Good luck with your project and I look forward to seeing the film!

ConnorO79 | 9 December, 2010

Hey, great idea, nice contradiction to the "who killed the electric car" documentary,

Will be an online streaming film, buy a dvd, cinema, or on tv?

Good luck, and great car record, both telsa's :D

Samuel H. | 10 December, 2010

Sorry, I don't use facebook, but I will spread the word.

Hey Conner.

Brian H | 10 December, 2010

They're over the 10,000, and the trailer is up.

the bonnie | 11 December, 2010

You can also see the trailer on youTube at . (Or if you're wary about following links on a chat forum, go to & search on 'Revenge of the Electric Car'.)

Great trailer and I'm looking forward to seeing the entire film (but not as much as I'm looking forward to receiving my Roadster next month!).

tdevince | 12 December, 2010

Great trailer, music from Orff's Carmina Burana - one of my all time favorites as well!!

cfOH | 25 July, 2013

Finally got a chance to watch "Revenge of the Electric Car" and I think Elon should toss a copy into every Model S he sells. It really does a great job at showing the adversity he overcame to get to this point where the company is valued at, what, $14 BILLION now and the Model S has a backlog of orders from around the globe. Truly a stunning victory in the face of incredibly long odds. Well done to the filmmakers and well done, Tesla.

jman | 29 July, 2013

I only watched the trailor, but can't wait to watch the entire thing.

I have followed Elon for some time and he along with his team have created something historical.

Thank you so much for making this film !!!!!! I feel the tide turning with every day to electrification of our transportation system !!!

Read The History of Electric Cars and the parallels of over a 100 years ago and today are amazing !!!!!

risingsun | 29 July, 2013

Is Tesla the only car company that can't make a electric vehicle that doesn't look like crap? The BMW ev and Nissan Leaf are very ugly. I almost think the big automobile companies want to kill the electric car.

Brian H | 29 July, 2013

Tesla can definitely make an electric car that doesn't look like crap, and is doing so.

risingsun | 30 July, 2013

But are there forcing still trying to kill the electric car? Do the big automobile companies want to see the electric vehicle fail?

Brian H | 30 July, 2013

They'd prefer it, and are foot-dragging as fast as they can. Elon's patience is gone, though, and he's going to force the pace.

Anonymous | 30 July, 2013

You can also find the movie on netflix

risingsun | 30 July, 2013

Why don't automobile companies want to see the electric car succeed?

Timo | 30 July, 2013

Big car companies have lot of connections to big oil, and big oil wants to kill electric cars for obvious reasons. However that will not work for company like Tesla. They just don't have any influence there. So when Elon forces the pace also other car companies start to move away from big oil and when that happens there is no stopping the movement.

danielccc | 30 July, 2013

The Renault Zoe doesn't look like crap. It looks like a nice small car and has more range than the Leaf, easily more than 100 miles at least in good weather.

It's not a Tesla competitor but it's mad cheap for an EV at less than 20K Euro, and less than 15K Euro in countries with incentives, like the UK and France.

It's probably the best low-end EV on the planet, but it won't come to the US.

ovomoze | 31 July, 2013

Big car companies are actually saying: We can make EV if we want but we still must take care of our major business: making "real" (stinky, unreliable) cars. Tesla alone can't hurt us as long as we (big car companies) make fun of electric vehicles by making "flaky e-cars". That is why they still designing this cars as futuristic toys instead of real cars.

Ocean Railroader | 31 July, 2013

I once based a collage level class project off of Revenge of the Electric Car and a lot of people who never saw a electric car before liked the movie.

I think it was Who Killed the Electric Car that got the EV movement started up into what it is now in that it does make you think. Such as has anyone noticed how when the EV1 was killed off in 2003 gas prices started skyrocketing. They also made a good point in it about where the Prius came from where the Japanese got nervous once they heard news of a US funded program that would make a car that got 50 to 80 miles a gallon to cut pollution. But the Japanese once hearing this got there experimental Prius idea into production. While the US blew a billion dollars and no car was ever put into production.

Think of what the EV1 could have been with lithium batteries or if GM would have promoted it more. It most likely could have been the Prius today or at least the Nissan Leaf. Also the way they hunted down and destroy everyone one of them totally destroyed the loyal GM EV1 fan base that they had. And the first rule of any TV show or product is never alienate or crush your fans.

Cindy I II III | 31 July, 2013

Just watched the movie on Netflix - very well done. Like it very much, and learned a lot. Thank you.

Cannot believe that I'm now into this electric car thing after just got into the organic food thing. Is it mid-life crisis? I'm not an environmentalist nor a motor vehicle enthusiast, but I'm on this forum spending more time than I'd admit to my husband. Never expected to be possessed by a car that is yet to arrive...

risingsun | 31 July, 2013

The electric car will significantly improve the environment, geo-politics and the lives of billions of people. I too am a little possessed by electric cars. I even applied for a job at Tesla. Don't forget your husband though. :)

Cindy I II III | 1 August, 2013

@risingsun, you are funny. Actually, applying for a job at Tesla crossed my mind last night, but realized they really don't need someone majored in biological chemistry :-)

Timo | 1 August, 2013

Just develop an bacteria which grows graphene sheets in large vats and you are hired.

Vawlkus | 1 August, 2013

Or develope a 'bio-battery' that uses biology to generate renewable power.

risingsun | 1 August, 2013

I'm not holding my breath over the job application. It seems that the major car companies don't really "get it" when it comes to electric vehicles. No car company has created a car to compete against the model S. All the other EV's have been smaller cars.

Brian H | 1 August, 2013

Leather-like collagen sheets grown in vats, for the squeamish?

TeslaRocks | 8 August, 2013

Yes, great film. I feel it really helps viewers understand that EVs are about more than just avoiding gas prices or pollution or even lame automakers, but it is also a movement for justice, freedom, innovation, and trying to get rid of tyranny.

earlyretirement | 19 September, 2013

Wow, this movie is a MUST watch for ANY Tesla owner. I just watched it today on Netflix. Wow, what a journey!

nwdiver93 | 20 September, 2013

I'm looking forward to the release of part III "Who killed the Internal Combustion Engine" :)

risingsun | 22 September, 2013

nwdiver93, that will be Tesla of course!

bent | 24 September, 2013

What I want to know is, who killed Mr Fusion!?

frmercado | 24 September, 2013