Road debris

Road debris

Tesla kindly organized some repair work to my Model S A/C system, which is in the front of the vehicle. I was very disappointed to see that once the Frunk carpet was removed, the inner wheel arches were full of road debris that makes its way through wide openings. That needs serious attending to, especially if someone owns a Model S in the northeast. Imagine all the rock salt making its way in the vehicle... | 2 April, 2013

Not sure what the concern is. Tesla is mostly aluminum, not steel, so rock salt shouldn't be an issue. The front tire-wells are vents from the cooling radiators. Consider all ICE cars let all that road debris all through the engine compartment.

olanmills | 2 April, 2013

If I'm understanding him correctly, his concern is that there is crap coming into an interior storage place that you would otherwise expect to be clean. | 2 April, 2013

Now I'm not sure. I was thinking he had the entire frunk tub removed, since you can't see the inner wheel wells otherwise. If he's getting stuff under the carpet with the frunk tub in place then it's a problem - possibly bad seal or crack in the tub. It's quite thick and strong plastic.

EJH | 2 April, 2013

Very Valid concern.

mrspaghetti | 2 April, 2013

Anyone with some significant mileage on their S notice their trunk cargo getting mucked up?