Roadsters at auction?

Roadsters at auction?

I see several on ebay. With things like 25 miles. One is 2008, one is 2010. And they are 10-30K less than factory.

Any idea what the deal is? I would expect them to retain their value. And/or have been driven more.

Just wondering.

dsm363 | 19 January, 2011

I would look at at least a 2.0 2010 model if you need to buy used. There were a lot of upgrades from the 2008 to 2010 model. I never understood how someone could buy a car like that and not drive it but you'd have to ask the seller why.

If you buy new, you can get the $7,500 federal tax credit so that's something to factor in.

scotty2541 | 19 January, 2011

Yeah, I am planning to buy new.

But a family member just ambushed me with these, so I looked on line to see. I emailed the sellers to ask 'why?' (low miles, discounted, age...)

Vawlkus | 20 January, 2011

Let us know what you find out. I know that I, for one, am very curious to know why Roadster's are turning up there.

Sparrow | 20 January, 2011

There have been Roadsters on eBay for quite some time. In recent months there always seem to be at least 2 to 3 at any given time. I purchased a used 2008 over a 2010, because the price difference was almost $20,000. So maybe there are significant upgrades between 2010 and 2008, but the price differenial to me more than made up for those differences.

When purchasing used, I actually think it is a idea good to get one with a few thousand miles on it so that any early problems are already fixed. I'd be really suspicious of a 2008 with only a couple hundred miles on it.

MaryBeth | 1 May, 2011

What are the major differences between the 2.0 and 2.5 outside of the price tag??

Jaffray | 3 May, 2011

@ MaryBeth...The 2.5 has a remodelled front end, a little more sound insulation, a re-designed rear diffuser, upgraded seat comfort, and a more robust PEM that allows better / more reliable performance in extreme temperatures.