Second Charger

Second Charger

For those who choose not to configure with the second on board charger, Tesla just added it to their store as an an accessory.

ALSET | 25 January, 2013

Yep caught that at the last minute when finalizing so decided to throw in the twin charger. Even with no "home" to charge my car I figure >40amp public chargers are bound to start popping up and sooner or later I'll probably end up with Wall Charger. Just hope I'm right and it doesn't end up being an unused accessory for me.

PaceyWhitter | 25 January, 2013

For more than double the price.

DouglasR | 25 January, 2013

Where are you seeing that? I'm looking at, and I don't see it under either "Functional" or "Accessories."

I am 3146 | 25 January, 2013
rnwalker | 25 January, 2013

But the price also includes installation, which I would guess would be more involved than putting it in during the factory process.

DouglasR | 25 January, 2013

Thanks. This is bizarre. I have been after them for months to install a second charger, and all I got was, "we're waiting for guidance from HQ." Now it shows up along with tire chains, etc.

Brian H | 25 January, 2013

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