This seems to be a great offer to get Tesla Model S

This seems to be a great offer to get Tesla Model S <-- With San Jose home you can now get a Tesla Model S. What do you guys think? Is it good?

Brian H | 25 June, 2013

Just on a 3-yr lease. Can you imagine the agony when you have to give it up after that time? Terrible deal. Avoid at all costs.

Docrob | 25 June, 2013

How is that a terrible deal? it states up front that the sweetener is 3 yrs use of a Model S, if you like it you can always buy one at the end of the three years, who knows it might have a 500 mile battery by then.

AmpedRealtor | 25 June, 2013

Wait a minute, the article says the homeowner has arranged for a 3 year lease with Tesla. How do you arrange a lease with Tesla when Tesla does not lease vehicles to customers? What am I missing here? I would be interested in a lease, as it would allow me to expense more of the vehicle.


Mtlord | 25 June, 2013

Are you in the market for a $1.35M house in San Jose? Does this particular house meet all of your needs/desires for the house you want? Is the price of that house fair, and can't be negotiated down further? Then yes, essentially knocking $50k-ish off the price with a MS lease is good. Go for it.

AmpedRealtor | 25 June, 2013

Well the seller certainly got the attention he or she wanted. However, if they have to throw in a Model S to sell the house then it sounds like the house may be a little overpriced to begin with. But I don't know the Willow Glen market - I used to drive by that area every day, but that was in a different lifetime and two careers ago! :)

Brian H | 25 June, 2013

I was semi-kidding. You only get to keep the MS 3 years!! In reality, of course, the house buyer would certainly purchase it from TM at the end of that time. How could he bear to let it go? Unless there was a much hotter model he wanted to replace it with.

Bighorn | 25 June, 2013

"Unless there were a much hotter model"--it's conditional. You ended your sentence with a preposition, as well. If you're going to give people shit for their grammar and spelling, you'd best step up.

CalabasasKid | 25 June, 2013

Clearly, the three year "lease" he describes is the TM program they currently offer where the seller is actually buying the car, taking $7500 tax credit on his 2014 tax return as well as the $2500 from "Uncle Gerry" in Sacramento, and then handing the car over to the buyer along with a credit on the house equeal to the sum of the first 36 months payments on the car. After that, the buyer has to hand it in or continue the financing himself.

olanmills | 25 June, 2013

Meh, at $1.35 m, this is just a publicity gimmick

Captain_Zap | 25 June, 2013

He was a forum member here. I remember him around delivery time.

Brian H | 26 June, 2013

That rule was one of those bad analogy lifts from Latin. It don't cut no ice with me.