Sirius/XM I want a choice

Sirius/XM I want a choice

I have a long relationship with Sirius. Now I'm coming to understand that my subscription is not transferable. I really don't want to start another relationship with XM since they are really the same company. Does anyone know if I can transfer my subscription or if I can plug in a radio through some sort of a jack that is auxiliary? This will be a super big disappointment to me since I drive so far regularly and really need to have Howard and CNBC!

jat | 17 January, 2013

If you can stream it to your phone, you can play via Bluetooth A2DP.

I'm not sure why they can't transfer your subscription -- did they tell you why? If you suggest you will cancel if they don't, they may change their tune.

drp | 18 January, 2013

Someone had written on another thread that they had to cancel their Sirius and sign up with XM because it is a different company. They would then have to pay $14 more per month in order to get the same channels they were getting earlier. I bought a lifetime subscription for about $500 a few years ago. I haven't talk to Tesla yet, I was just going by what I read earlier. That's why I posted these questions here. I will send a note out to Tesla right now and see what they say.

PaceyWhitter | 18 January, 2013

I thought XM bought Sirius and now they are the same company?

holidayday | 18 January, 2013

They merged, but depending on the type of radio you have, you either get "Sirius" stations or "XM" stations.
But of course, there are the new "siriusxm" radios.

I'm not sure why they would require a separate account for the new car, no matter which kind of radio you had in the past.

Of course, I'm not sure how you would be able to install any kind of after-market radio in a Tesla.

drp | 18 January, 2013

I have not found a spot to plug in the auxiliary access for the Sirius radio that I currently have so I'm not sure that I would be a will to install any kind of aftermarket radio in a test.

Cirrus | 18 January, 2013

We have 2 Sirius, 2 XM, and 1 XM aviation all on one account. One is full price and the others are "additional" radios.

dhkrupp | 21 March, 2013

Added Tesla sirius radio to an existing sirius account online today without any issues.

jrettinger | 21 March, 2013

If you are worried about Howard, there is a "Best of Sirius" package you can add that gives you access to 100 & 101 amongst a few others.

olanmills | 21 March, 2013

I thought they recently redit all of the channels so that the station content and channel numbers are all the same. The difference is that there are still different subscription packages for "Sirius" or "XM" customers.

safrank | 23 March, 2013

I was told that you can stream Sirius thru the internet on your web browser in the car. Is anyone doing that? Is that true?

Manta | 24 March, 2013

@drp - I also purchased a lifetime subscription back in 2007 and thought I could transfer it to my Model S. After doing some digging, it doesn't look like that's an option after all. If it helps, here's what I found. (Section C9)

Manta | 24 March, 2013

@drp - I spoke (i.e. hit "Enter") too soon. I just got off the phone with SiriusXM. If you purchased your lifetime subscription before Sept 2007, you can transfer it from one car to another for a $75 transfer fee.

Pungoteague_Dave | 24 March, 2013


You cannot stream any audio or video through the Model S browser. You can stream to your smartphone and listen on the car audio through Bluetooth. It is much better and more reliable to go with the car's onboard satellite radio. However, it has a week antenna compared to our other vehicles with XM/Sirius.

Alex K | 24 March, 2013

@Pungoteague_Dave | MARCH 24, 2013: However, it has a week antenna compared to our other vehicles with XM/Sirius.

I haven't noticed any problems with the XM reception on the Model S in Arizona (probably closer to the satellite). There is an area, near my house in the AZ White Mountains, that XM reception drops out due to tall pine trees. I have not had any problems with the Model S, but my other cars (Porsche&Lexus) always drop out. I could just be lucky or it may be seasonal.

clarkdubreuil | 25 March, 2013

I have just transferred a post Sept. 2007 Sirius Lifetime membership over to my Tesla. It took a lot of phone calls to Sirius "India" customer support. If your Lifetime is post Sept 2007 and it was placed on a new car it can not be transferred to another new OEM car according to the fine print in their contract. It can be transferred to an after market radio. (My work around was going to be to get a handheld Lynx SXi1 Internet Handheld and bluetooth it to the Tesla using the Tesla 3G.) Being as stubborn as I am I did not want to give up the fight with Sirius. After being bumped up to 3 levels of supervisors I still was getting a "There is no way we can do it sir but we will be glad to sell you another membership" reply. I had a brilliant idea. I call it my LCD (Lowest Common Denominator) Theory. I started calling the toll free XM number that trunks to India. The plan was to call it enough times that I finally got someone that had no idea what they were doing. After about 15 calls and 15 rejections I found her. She was very polite and although it was against policy she would do it for me "just this once"! I kept her on the line, walked out to the TMS and waited while she sent the signal. 5 minutes later I had my Lifetime service operating on my TMS. I had to pay the $75 transfer fee. Even though I had the premium Sirius package I still had to pay $100 more to get stations 100 and 101 on XM. It takes nerves of steel and a lot of Tequila, but it can be done.

dommo | 21 August, 2013

"Someone had written on another thread that they had to cancel their Sirius and sign up with XM because it is a different company"

I have also been told that you have to sign up again, which is really strange. One solution is to call the customer service, I did it once after experiencing some technical problems and they answered every single question. Maybe the best way is to ask them, here is the US phone number:
Streaming to the smartphone and listening through Bluetooth is also a good option, but in my case the sound quality was a little bit worse.

SDR06 | 22 August, 2013

I was disappointed that there is no free XM trial for Tesla as they did with my Mercedes Benz.

But if you want to try XM radio, you should call them and ask for a special promotion. Currently for about $28 you get about 6 months of most XM radio channels.

If you want to get NFL and other premium channels you will have to spend another $10.

MandL | 22 August, 2013

Careful with those satellite radio deals, they very quickly turn into recurring monthly charges at the highest rate.

SDR06 | 22 August, 2013

@MandL. So true. You should definitely ask the customer service guy to remove the credit card from file or use one time credit cards.