Slight shake when stopped

Slight shake when stopped

Has anyone experienced this problem. When stopped a red light a few times I've noticed a bit of a shutter or shake like a rough running engine. Kind of like an ICE engine if it is missing on one cylinder. It may only last a few seconds and only maybe at 1 in 30 stops. I tried to trouble shoot by shutting off the creep mode and that seemed to stop the problem but not sure if that was just coincidence.

mdtaylor69 | 2 May, 2013

Turn off climate control and see if it goes away. Normally this is the AC Compressor.

jbunn | 2 May, 2013

Creep, and a slight warp of your brakes? But you are at a standstill, correct?

VinceA | 2 May, 2013

Okay, I thought I was crazy but I noticed this also. Had my car since March 10th and I Love it BUT I am concerned about this. It happens to me not every time but maybe 1 in 30 stops like Steniwand. In fact today on my way home from work, I had all the windows down since it was so hot and NO AC or fan running. While waiting at the signal I could feel the car vibrate ever so slightly. I know the car is not moving but it feels like it's ready to jump. I'll have to try turning off creep to verify if this is the culprit.

DouglasR | 2 May, 2013

The AC compressor can run even if you have the AC off, because it is used to cool the battery. The AC bracket has a tendency to rub against the frunk liner, causing a low, rumble or vibration. Service has a fix for this.

riceuguy | 2 May, 2013

Huh...had this happen for the first time today! Need to have service look at the AC eventually anyway (the horrible noise at startup that some have mentioned).

Brian H | 3 May, 2013

Feeling the car "try to move" sounds like creep indecision; on/off vacillation.

f-tal | 3 May, 2013

I've had the issue since I got the car. I assume it's the car trying to creep. I usually goes away after about 10 seconds at a stop light, and then when I do let off the brake, it takes the car 1/2 a second to apply torque against a roll-back. If I'm at a short duration stop light, the roll-back doesn't happen. (though I don't have have any real hills to try it on.)

David Trushin | 3 May, 2013

I notice it as well. It is the creep trying to creep while the brakes are trying to brake. I just push down a little harder on the brakes and it stops. It may be warp on the brakes but more likely it's that light pressure isn't enough to counteract the creep. Remember, cars still roll with light pressure on the brakes.

mbcaffe | 3 May, 2013

same experience as @david Trushin. Also mentioned this issue when I had it in service this week for the pano creaking(it is fixed) and everything else checked ok.

CarlE_P439 | 3 May, 2013

I've noticed this too.

Brant | 3 May, 2013

+1 David Trushin
My experience as well
Apply more pressure to the brake and it stops

Jamon | 3 May, 2013

+1 David Trushin and Steinwand - I've noticed the same thing. Creep enabled. Still happens when climate control is off.

kickgas | 3 May, 2013

+1 Brant It is a result of simply not applying enough pressure on the brakes to overcome creep.

cgiGuy | 3 May, 2013

+1 Brant
Same thing.. creep is on. Pressed brakes harder and it stopped.

HzSoGood | 3 May, 2013

Ditto to the comments. If Creep is off this wont/doesnt happen. With creep on as soon as you begin to ease of the pedal/feather the brake the car wants to move introducing this "shudder". Pressing the brake firmly makes it go away. Should be an easy software fix to intro creep only when brake pedal is fully disengaed.

Chunky Jr. | 3 May, 2013

I have creep off and noticed this yesterday. I was stopped in a parking garage, and the car would shake, and I figured it was due to the parking garage shaking. But now that you mention it, I've never noticed a parking garage shake like that. It didn't happen at first. I was stopped for several minutes before it started to happen, and it seemed like it happened fairly regularly.

Brian H | 3 May, 2013

Now, THAT sounds like AC. Periodic, creep off -- can't think of any other candidates.

mdennick | 3 May, 2013

I've not had it shake while stopped but while braking, the last few feet to a stop. Is everyone experiencing this only while stopped? I think there was a thread on this a couple months ago. It's 5600 miles I've notice it only a few times. Once was a little dramatic, a significant shutter, when I had to do a quick stop from 10mph to zero. No problem stopping though. I called Ownership Experience to let them know. They said call if it happens again.

David Trushin | 3 May, 2013

Mdennick, is it possible that the anti lock brakes kicked in to cause the shudder

Steinwand | 3 May, 2013

Thanks for you input everyone. At least I know I'm not the only one with this problem. I will try things you mentioned such as press brake harder and turn off a/c.
I'm in for service on the 8th to get my pano creek fixed, my new free rear floor mats and new free passenger floor mat that curls from the top. If service has a fix for the 'shudder' I will post and let everyone know.

mdennick | 3 May, 2013

David, I guess that's possible but the frequency didn't seem fast enough to be ABS, and I was going slow with great traction so the car halted. I almost never feel ABS kick in with the 21s. It was a slower push release, push release, coming from the back wheels...but fast enough to call a shutter.

Stein, got my pano creek fixed a few weeks's still perfect. You can look forward to the awesome silence. Now I've got to go in for the mats one of these days.

Brian H | 4 May, 2013

No, sorry, you can't call it a "shutter". That's a cover for a lens or window. Such misused words make me shudder.

Andrew18 | 4 May, 2013

I have had the same issue, and I suspect it is the air suspension adjusting. If I release the brake then brake again it seems to stop.

Pricee2 | 4 May, 2013

Can't call it a creek either, unless it has fish in it. LOL