Software Update .61

Software Update .61

Was running errands tonight when I got the software update notification. It's 4.5. 61 or so...
Noticed that:
1. No Valet Mode
2. No Map follows direction of vehicle...

Release notes talk mostly about better battery heating, cooling, new 2X shows better labels...

Always happy to get an update, but a little disappointed there wasn't sharks with frikin' lasers or other cool stuff... :-p

dortor | 28 July, 2013

.61 installed last night - no apparent problems so far - we'll see.

hsadler | 28 July, 2013

Did notice last two times that when I reversed to leave the garage, back up camera did not appear. Had to manually enforce it. (Did .61 on Fri)

John56 | 28 July, 2013

I just got .61 installed a few days ago. Low and behold, my biggest pet peeve with this car now seems to be fixed! I've complained to everyone at Tesla I could get to listen to me (including at Teslive) how frustrating it is to get into my car after a rain and have the sensing wipers take a swipe just as I'm starting to close my door and dump a bunch of water in my lap! This just seemed to be such an obvious firmware fix. Just wait until my door is closed or until I put my foot on the brake. Well, a couple days ago we had a rain and after i got into my car I noticed that the wipers didn't swipe until my door was closed. What!? I need to try this again just to be sure, but it looks like maybe someone at Tesla felt their ears burning. Let's what am I gonna have to complain about????

Brian H | 28 July, 2013

Alas! The passenger-entertaining driver-drench is no more.

jnb | 29 July, 2013

Just figured out what the update changed for me. THE COLOR OF THE WHEELS (well sort of). I have a grey p85+ with grey wheels. When i picked it up on June 1 the wheels in the representations on all the displays were silver. I asked why and they said that it would be fixed in a future update. Well, after .61 the wheels on all the representations on the 17" screen are grey. but alas, on the instrument panel they are still silver. maybe one more update will do it!

Chuck Lusin | 29 July, 2013

One of the things that I noticed with version .61, is that now the cell phone rings in addition to the car ringing. Also not all of the media is "Eaten" by the car, so you can hear when an email or text message arrives. Thanks Tesla!

dortor | 29 July, 2013

hmm - well so far .61 is less stable than 4.4 that I've had for months - several problems

a) I can't get a charge setting to 243 miles like my previous "standard" charge setting - I can only get 238 or 248 - not a big deal but a difference non the less
b) my 2 days of usage vampire load is horrendous - I charged last night to 238 - and this morning I was at 220 miles range - EVEN with the car plugged in all night - I thought i was supposed to use home power when plugged in
c) main screen has frozen twice and eventual rebooted itself - previous 4.4 system had weeks/months of uptime with no reboots - two freezes in less than 48 hours does not bode well…

I'll keep monitoring.

jeffaa | 29 July, 2013

@hsadler I think it does this when it pops down the garage door 'button' on the screen.

Bob W | 29 July, 2013


18 miles of vampire loss overnight is a lot (unless you are set to "Ideal" miles or it was sub-freezing overnight). But the Model S doesn't use shore power to produce 12V, only 400V. See my last post in this thread for a more detailed explanation of why leaving your car plugged in overnight will have no affect on apparent vampire drain.

Best you can do for now is use the new timer to set a charge time so that charging will complete at 7 a.m. (or whenever your cheapest rate period ends). You have to calculate the start time yourself, based on how much charge you need; the Model S won't figure it out for you, unfortunately. For a 14-15 at 40A, use 25 rated mi/h of charge, and set the start time accordingly, e.g. if you want to end with 238, and you currently show 188 rated miles, set the charge time to start at 5 a.m., so that after two hours of charging, ending at 7 a.m., your battery will have 238 or 237 showing, with no time for vampire drain to do much to your main battery.

As for the "hung screen," do you use in the Model S browser, or any other web site with pop-up data entry windows? The "Edit Stocks" button in that app. uses a pop-up data entry field window to add new symbols. That no longer works in 4.5 (worked OK in 4.4). The result is that it makes the Model S browser hang, and you have to reboot the display to fix it. Other than that, .61 has been the most stable release I've ever seen (for me).