Would it be nice if you can choose a soundgenerator like the Audi A6 Biturbo (as an option)?
You can choose between a "Comfort Mode" (silent) or a "Sport Mode" (V8-Sound).
If have heard the sound from the Audi. It was great. I think that would be a perfekt addition
for the Model S or the Roadster.
What you think about that?

KennyB@US-FL | 12 September, 2013

No, thank you!

Fordy | 12 September, 2013

I am paying a lot of money to not have the sound. | 12 September, 2013

What Fordy said :)

choots.humphries | 12 September, 2013

What omarsultan said :)

Bane | 12 September, 2013

Terrible. What about adding a smoke generator so looks like there is exhaust. Or how about an oil pan generator so there is oil stains in the garage. Please also include an oil dip stick in the frunk.

Haeze | 12 September, 2013

Also, make sure it spits out some sort of toxic gas, to remind you not to leave it running in a garage.

mrrjm | 12 September, 2013


AmpedRealtor | 12 September, 2013

I would like a farting noise

Cindy I II III | 12 September, 2013

Maxt, you are cruising for bruising (figuratively of course)! :-)

Now a Formula One engine sound, maybe.

akikiki | 12 September, 2013

What choots.humphrie said :)

sunrunner | 12 September, 2013

As a former quattroporte owner I lined up with a granturismo. As I watched him fade in my back up camera, I kinda missed the sound of my old Maserati. But as his angry engine was spewing beautiful sound and burning toxic fossil fuels to feebly appear to keep up I could only laugh and think "Neanderthal"

S4WRXTTCS | 12 September, 2013

It already plays sound through the radio.

Just tune into the inverter on the AM station. :-)

PBEndo | 12 September, 2013

I prefer the silence. It makes it seem like the car isn't even straining when delivering that crazy acceleration.

To me, a typical ICE car is like a strong weightlifter that is grunting loudly as strains during a lift. You think, "Wow, he is pretty strong". But then another weightlifter lifts the same weight (or more) without making a sound. That is when you think "Wow, this guy isn't even straining. It must be easy for him. I wonder how much more he can lift". The Tesla is the strong, silent type.

However, if I had to have a sound, I think the Transporter sound from Star Trek or the "Jump to Lightspeed" sound from Star Wars would be appropriate.

BigAirHarper | 12 September, 2013

+1 pbendo

the jump to lightspeed sound would be awesome.

T3SLA | 12 September, 2013

@Kal El
This is a great idea to combat nostalgia. You could make your own tesla accessories store.

Suturecabre | 12 September, 2013

I thought it'd be obvious...The turbine "whooshing" sound from Knight Rider! Especially from the pilot episode!

TikiMan | 12 September, 2013

How about this?...

It sounds like the future!!!

Geert.Snijders | 13 September, 2013

Maybe downloadable/recordable "ringtones" during acceleration and deceleration is a structural solution for the likes of all...

mumanoff | 13 September, 2013

Had what has now become the displeasure of having to drive my Audi TTRS the other day ! The MS is just unreal to drive.

PBEndo | 13 September, 2013

If any developers are reading, I would like an app for my Android phone that uses the phones accelerometers to initiate the "Jump to Hyperspace" sound through the cars audio via bluetooth. Then the cars acceleration and the sound would be in sync automatically.

Here is my choice for the sound

The sounds could be selected from the users library. A random shuffle mode would add some additional anticipation at a stoplight.

JonathanL | 13 September, 2013

Nothing better than driving through winding country roads with the windows and pano open, your favorite tunes playing and no annoying ICE noise or vibration.

thranx | 13 September, 2013

There was an episode from the immortal comic The Three Furry Freak Bros. where Fat Freddy was having trouble with a bunch of kids deliberately pausing in the crosswalk in front of his VW van. So he rigged his sound/horn system to blast out at an unreal level of decibels "the sound of an 18-wheeler with a load of live pigs locking up the brakes at sixty miles an hour."

I'd go with that.